Review: Hoosegow & Mollydooker Team Up For A Feast

Review: Hoosegow & Mollydooker Team Up For A Feast

Combine the authentic charcoal grill of Magill Road’s Hoosegow with the left-of-centre robust wines of McLaren Vale’s Mollydooker, and you’ve got one hell of a night out!


When was the last time you delved into the world of charcoal grill? Often purported by restaurants who have little more than a grill plate out back, we can tell you that the crew at Hoosegow on Magill Rd are true keepers of the authentic, classic style of charcoal and those incredible smoky flavours and juices that are retained with a smoked sear. It’s making us hungry just talking about them!

Then there’s the team at Mollydooker wines, one of the new wave of McLaren Vale’s rebellious upstarts who are definitely no shrinking violet, presenting wines that explode in flavour, keep a dense black crimson colour and leap from the glass with powerful aromatics. Meat and reds. That might sound like an almost ocher combination, such is the Australian assertion that this is the ultimate combination but robust flavours just go well with robust flavours. There’s no reason to mess with the paradigm.

So match Mollydooker with Hoosegow Charcoal Restaurant & Bar and we’re talking a night of fun, frivolity and mouth-watering food and wine. Which is exactly what we were treated to on Thursday last week.
MollyDookerMollydookerNow, if you like to think of yourself as an adventurous diner, Hoosegow has got your back! From the signature Chilli Chicken, Cassava & Cuban Mojo to the intriguing Crispy Cajun Sardines with Sweet Potato Chips & Spicy Dill Chimichurri, they offer distinct dishes bound together. Keeping you on your toes, each dish is alive with character as chilli and tangy flavours guide you through the food journey. A spicy Txistorra Garden Salad with Charred Lime & Citrus Dressing? Why not.

More often than not, venturing into the unknown is laden with surprises and rewards. Hoosegow revives the idea of a food safari, introducing their guests to unchartered food one might not be accustomed to whilst cooking in the comforts of the home kitchen. ‘Going out’ for dinner can be just that. Taking a step outside of one’s comfort zone and experiencing the new and the exciting, like the Chargrilled Lamb Backstrap with Beetroot and Caramelised Onion Puree & Confit Garlic!).

To round off a night of delectable Hoosegow dishes, the Orange Cinnamon Caramelised Figs with Vanilla Bean Gelati placed the finishing touches on a dreamy feast. A meal made even more divine through the friendly, considerate service of the wait staff, kudos! True to their word, this degustation revealed Hoosegow’s keen eye for charcoal deliciousness, with an inspired and innovative menu showcasing a fusion of Latin American/Eastern/Asian flavours.

Hoosegow Spread

Leading its guests through a maze of Shiraz, Merlot and Cab Sav (amongst many, many others!) was Sparky Marquis from McLaren Vale’s award-winning, left-handed winery – Mollydooker. Alight with passion and warmth, Sparky and his team were infectious in their enthusiasm for wine and of course, wine-drinking. Evidently, the creative juices flow abundantly within the Marquis Family, as lively cartoons reflecting the personalities of each wine are scattered throughout their wine booklets, left-handed business cards, personalised stationary and menu.

From their 2013 wine ‘The Violinist Verdelho’ to ‘Gigglepot Cabernet’, ‘The Maitre D’, ‘Enchanted Path Shiraz Cabernet’ and ‘The Velvet Glove’, Mollydooker wines have a certain character that is utterly irresistible. Aussie slang for a left-hander, the Mollydooker team live by their motto; “Make wines that make people go WOW through attention to detail and commitment to excellence.” Sparky told GLAM that “we’re very serious about our wine making, just not so much about ourselves!”

For an incredible evening out, make sure you grab a bottle or three of Mollydooker Wines and make a booking at Hoosegow. Midweek dining night promises extra attention to detail, but if you fancy a packed and electric atmosphere, then you can’t go past weekends. Book on 8332 6599.

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