Hot Dub Wine Machine - Best. Chardy. Ever!

Hot Dub Wine Machine – Best. Chardy. Ever!

Hot Dub Wine Machine is the music festival Adelaide has been yearning for.


Adelaide’s music festival scene has unfortunately been dying a sad, slow death over the years. But you wouldn’t have thought it on Saturday, judging by the turnout for Hot Dub Wine Machine at Serafino Wines.

It’s the festival we’ve all been clearly yearning for…

What felt like a cross between Stereosonic and Sea & Vines, Hot Dub had everything to make an awesome festival. There was great music, a mixed and surprisingly classy-looking crowd, the weather was perfect and the drink lines were quick (hallelujah). They also had a pop-up cellar door complete with a Glitter station, Aperol Spritz & Espresso Martini bars, hair braiding and lawn games like Badminton and giant Jenga.

Majority of people came to see The Presets and Hot Dub Time Machine – and they both absolutely nailed it on stage.

Hot Dub Time Machine took us through hits and banger remixes from the 50s through to 2017. And although his performance was cut short, that didn’t stop the crowd from going all out. There were giant beach balls, confetti cannons and an impressive light show to round off the day.

My only gripe? The lack of transport to get people home safely after the festival. Buses, taxis and Ubers were at capacity which left hundreds stranded, wandering the streets of McLaren Vale. Perhaps next year they’ll ensure there’s enough options to cater for the amount of patrons.

Still… Best. Chardy. Ever.

Images by Patrick Stevenson (Instagram: @patstevensonhobo)

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