Hot Five: The Must Visit Bars In Adelaide Right Now

Hot Five: The Must Visit Bars In Adelaide Right Now

We think you might enjoy making your way through this list…


Adelaide’s bar scene continues to evolve. And by evolve we mean get more and more awesome! In the last few years we have said hello to some absolutely cracking small bars. And not just that, but bars with a real point of difference. Like, have you seen the tiny hut built in an alley way in Leigh Street… Yeah, that is different. Of course there are so many amazing places to choose from, and gone are the days of people saying “Adelaide is boring, there is nothing to do here”. In fact with so many awesome venues, we struggle to even have time to visit them all…

So to make your drinking time more and your thinking time less, we have thrown together our list of what we think are the five hottest bars in Adelaide right now:

Pink Moon Saloon
21 Leigh Street, Adelaide

You know that hut that we mentioned… Yeah, well this would be it. If you haven’t heard about this place then you may have been living under a rock, because Pink Moon had people buzzing well before it had even opened. This tiny bar packs a punch – it serves up some amazing food including a Ploughman’s Platter (do it) and some delicious cocktails to boot. Read more in our story here.

Photo by Vueey Le Photography.
Photo by Vueey Le Photography.

Pink Moon Saloon Pink Moon Saloon

Bar Torino
158 Hutt Street, Adelaide

We know, we know, this one has already made it on to one of our Hot Five lists (see our Hot Five: The Hottest Restaurants In Adelaide Right Now here). But when it is just so damn hot, it had to make it to this one too… This Spanish style tapas bar will give you all of the good vibes on a Friday night, trust us! And if you are ordering from the menu, their Patatas Bravas is a real winner.

Bar Torino 6Bar Torino 2 Bar Torino 4

293 – 295 Rundle Street, Adelaide

What’s that? You want a little slice of southern America here in Adelaide? You want that deep fried goodness, that real heart and soul, those New Orleans vibes… Well then you should probably look no further than NOLA. Because they have all of those things. We loved this place from the get go. Its passion and heart were clear from the start! You can read more about this place and what they are all about in our story here, but in the meantime get your butt there and grab yourself an ice cold LOBO Cider (our fave) and a big ol’ basket of their (now) famous fried chicken. Finger lickin’ good.

Nola 2 Nola Nola 3 Nola 4

Hula Hoop
Shop 2/2 269 Kensington Road, Kensington Park

This little suburban beauty has people talking… If you haven’t heard of Hula Hoop, we hate to say it, but you have been missing out. But that’s why you have us! You can find this cracking gem next to The Regal Theatre (the old Chelsea Theatre) on Kensi Road. The tiny space comes to life when the owners make use of the lawn space next to it and put out tables and chairs under beautiful lights. It isn’t rare to see every single spot taken on a balmy Saturday night! And with a kickarse (excuse our French) wine menu and a cheeseboard to go with it, why wouldn’t that be the case! Put this adorable wine bar on your list to visit. Seriously.

Hula Hoop Hula Hoop 2 Hula Hoop 3 Hula Hoop 4

Mother Vine 
22-26 Vardon Avenue, Adelaide

We feel like Mother Vine is an old, old friend. So comforting, reliable and always there when we need a shoulder to lean on. And by that we mean a big, giant glass of red wine and an epic cheeseboard. Because wine and cheese solve everything. You should know this by now. Barely just ticking over a year old and this place has still got it going on… Plus they are currently testing out new menu options. One of the new dishes – Slow Braised Pork Belly Tacos with avocado, grilled corn salsa & chipotle aioli – has us locking in this place for our next Friday night knock offs.

Mother Vine Mother Vine Mother Vine Mother Vine

Happy bar hopping!

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