House Warmers opens in CBD as new chic haven for mid-century furniture finds

New mid-century furniture and home decor store, House Warmers, has opened in Adelaide Arcade by the owner of Et Toi Skincare.

Images: House Warmers

Looking to transform your home into a reflection of your vibrant personality? House Warmers is Adelaide Arcade’s newest mid-century second-hand furniture retailer, promising to inject warmth and style into your living space.

The exciting new business venture for young entrepreneur Lolly Heaney of Et Toi Skincare was inspired by her dad’s love of mid-century design. Heaney taught herself to refurbish furniture, leading her to equate a collection of 60s Danish-designed pieces that were too good to leave piling up in her home –thus, House Warmers was born.

“It’s sleek, it’s beautiful, particularly Danish mid-century design and its quality. When you do buy a piece of furniture from this era, it’s an investment,” says business owner Lolly Heaney.

“Everything in this store is for sale, including the desk that I sit at … from the desk, I’ll be doing Et Toi as well,” she says, citing that the skincare brand will also be going through some exciting transformations.

The warm authentic beauty of the beloved modern mid-century design era is at the forefront of House Warmers.

Their focus is on excellence, quality and authenticity above all else; sourcing their eclectic furniture pieces from Denmark, regarded as one of the leading countries for innovation in the world of interior design.

“It’s far better quality than what’s made today and if you do find something made today in this sort of quality and style, it will cost a ridiculous amount of money, which is fair because it’s such an amazing craft to master, and makers who are still alive don’t necessarily make that much money, so it will cost you an arm and a leg,” Heany says.

Heaney draws a sharp distinction between the offerings of House Warmers and those of cheaper furniture outlets, likening the latter to purchasing a new car that depreciates rapidly.

“When you’re buying a new car – you drive it out the dealership and it loses all of its value. Instead, these pieces retain or increase in value, which is just a smarter way to furnish a home, and it’s prettier,” she says.

“It’s (mid-century design) being replicated at major furniture outlets, the mass-manufactured stuff, they’re all just referencing or replicating the mid-century era. But why pay $950 for a Scandinavian-look mass-manufactured coffee table, when you can buy the equivalent coffee table that’s actually mid-century and likely from Denmark for less.” 

When asked about her least favourite home decor trend that she wants to see left in the past, she cited the 00s love of the futuristic.

“Everything was made of steel; it was weirdly futuristic. There must of been two years where home decor was trying to “live in the future”, it was truly horrendous. Bright fluorescent colours, and steel bases to everything, like an idea of a spaceship, it’s horrific … we were trying to do a future thing for obviously that period of a few years, but now we have come back to the Scandinavian look,” Heany says.

House Warmers was made possible by Renew Adelaide, a not-for-profit organisation that creates property opportunities for exciting emerging businesses through a ground-breaking rent-free program.

The initiative has worked since 2010 to create pockets of vibrancy throughout Adelaide and has been responsible for businesses like FRIDA LAS VEGAS.

House warmers will help you transport to an aesthetically gratifying world of modern mid-century design– a store unlike any other in the Adelaide CBD.

House Warmers Mid Century
120 Grenfell St, Adelaide SA, 5000
Trading Hours: Monday (10 AM – 2 PM), Tuesday – Thursday (10 AM – 5 PM), Friday (10 AM – 8 PM), Saturday (11 AM – 3 PM), Sunday (Closed)
More Info here

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