Ethical Fashion Guide Names Heros And Villains Of Retail Industry

Ethical Fashion Guide Names Heros And Villains Of Retail Industry

Did your favourite brands make the cut in this year’s Ethical Fashion Guide?


You’ve heard it before: there are millions of people around the world today that are underpaid, overworked, underaged and enslaved. The numbers aren’t pretty, but the great news is that worker exploitation can be ended– and you can help!

Baptist World Aid fights to end worker exploitation and seeks to encourage us all to shop more ethically. They’ve put together an Ethical Fashion Guide that grades our favourite fashion companies depending on how well they manage the labour rights of their workers. A higher grade means a more ethical company!

If you’re a born fashionista or simply love what AfterPay can do for your online shopping habits, this Ethical Fashion Guide can help you make smarter choices and feel better about the clothes you wear. This way you can still keep that treat yo’ self attitude and fight to make sure others are treated more fairly!

We had a little look at the Guide ourselves and we’re super excited to see a lot of our favourites and familiars landed in the A-grade range. Bonds and Berlei received and As, so you can continue supporting them the way they support you, and so did Adidas, which means you can continue to wear your fave kicks guilt-free!

And here are a few more faves to keep an eye on while you shop:

  • Country Road
  • JAG
  • Sportscraft
  • Lululemon
  • SABA
  • Zara
  • Trenery
  • Witchery

You might want to think twice before buying from these guys though, ’cause they all scored below a D-grade:

  • Bardot
  • Forever 21
  • Bras N’ Things
  • Ralph Lauren
  • boohoo (which is what we’re doing right now!)
  • TEMT
  • Valley Girl

If you’re interested in shopping ethically and seeing if your favourite brands made the cut, then download a copy of the Ethical Fashion Guide today. You can also get involved with local companies in Adelaide that are fighting to raise awareness around ethical and sustainable fashion practices! From Found is brand that raises up refugee and asylum seeker women in Adelaide by giving them a stage to design and create gorgeous, unique pieces in a supportive environment.

Head on over to their Adelaide Fashion Revolution Night next Monday night to watch a screening of award-winning documentary RiverBlue with fellow fashionistas, followed by a discussion panel of local leaders in the industry to learn more about how you can join the revolution against unethical fashion practices and look good doing it!

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