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How To Actually Style Your Hair With A Hair Straightener

Here’s 5 ways to make the most out of your hair straightener and begin styling like a pro.

After finding out one of our favourite Adelaide hairdressers had been appointed as the national brand ambassador for EVY Professional styling tools, we knew it was the perfect opportunity to ask a question that has been a long time struggle for gals worldwide. How in God’s name do you actually use a hair straightener to style your hair… properly?

Tool of choice? Evy Professional iQ-Glide.

Experience needed? Beginner.

Beyoncé level? Flawless.


When using your hair tongs like the iQ-Glide to straighten your hair, try only taking 2cm size sections working from the bottom of the neck up to the top of the head and smaller sections around the ear and hairline to get those baby hairs smooth so they don’t poke through the glasslike straight finish.

Style Tip: Try a deep side part for a red carpet feel on your poker straight locks.


Let your hair dry naturally over night then in the morning increase the body with a dry shampoo through the roots. Then take your iQ-OneGlide and use a hit and miss technique on 1″ sections and a half turn through the middle of the section.

Start a third of the way down the hair and twist 180 degrees and pull through the middle third of the hair and take out leaving the last third natural. Do one section, miss one and continue round the head. Finish with a matte wax spray for natural, beachy vibes.


Start with a deep side part around the line of the arch of the eyebrow. With the side that has the least amount of hair, work with 2cm sections starting at the roots and twist your iQ-OneGlide 360 degrees towards the face as you pull down through the hair. After 3 sections use a clip or pin to clip the curl up to the head to let it cool. Continue this in the same direction the whole way round the head. After letting cool for 10 minutes take out all the clips and use a wide toothcomb to sculpt hair into that glamorous wave.

Style Tip: Finish with an ultra shine spray and by tucking one side tightly behind the ear.


This is great for 1 or 2 day old blow dried hair. Refresh your roots with a dry shampoo then work using vertical sections around the head from ear to ear. Take large sections and twist your iQ-OneGlide 180 degrees starting at the middle of the hair all the way through the ends. Be more random and change your direction of curl around the whole head. This will refresh the ends and leave body in the roots. Scrunch some oil into the lengths and blast with your dryer on cold.


For the model look, use a soft bristle brush like the famous Mason & Pearson to get your ponytail slick. Using a shine spray and a tail comb take thin sections and apply the shine spray before using your iQ-OneGlide to straighten all the way to the tips. Finish with a serum through the whole ponytail. This will leave you with a silky runway ready pony.

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