How to dine like it’s Lunar New Year all year long

Adelaide’s latest MasterChef star YoYo gives us her top spots for traditional Chinese cuisine in Adelaide.

Image credit: Dumpling City on Field street

Adelaide has embraced the Lunar New Year along with the delicious dishes traditional to the Asian regions that celebrate the new phase of the moon.

And after the past few years we have all endured, we’re ready to remove the bad vibes, and welcome in the new and the good – with full bellies!

While Lunar New Year tantalised our tastebuds, we want to know where can you find the tastiest of the Lunar New Year dishes even once LNY is over.

We turned to Adelaide’s latest MasterChef maestro, YoYo, who not only can whip up a wild dish herself, but is an avid foodie of Chinese descent – which make her our newest authority on how to eat like it’s LNY all year long! 

Adelaide’s latest MasterChef maestro, YoYo

Here are her top picks on where to eat LNY dishes in Adelaide – along with some of ours too:

Longevity Noodles (Egg Noodles)

Symbolises a long and happy life.

YoYo suggests: Li’s Noodle Bar on Wright Street, CBD. It has a very wide variety of toppings, broths and types of noodles, and Tasty Biang on Wright Street, CBD – Northern Chinese Noodles.

Also check out: Concubine on Gouger Street – take a pick of Dark Soy Egg Noodles with Chicken Breast Fillet or Stir Fried with Angus Beef Tenderloin, honestly we’ll take both!

Elpis Food & Wine on Gouger Street, CBD – one of Adelaide city’s newest Asian cuisine dining experiences.

Steamed Whole Fish 年年有余 

Symbolises wealth and prosperity in the coming year.

YoYo suggests: Chef Dong on Payneham Rd, St Peters – they serve a beautiful steamed flounder with vermicelli and XO sauce.

Our pick: Chef Kim on Linden Avenue, Hazelwood Park – Steamed barramundi fish with specially made Korean style soy sauce-based sauce with bit of spice in it.

Dumplings 招财进宝

Represents fortune and prosperity (because dumplings themselves look like money pouches).

YoYo suggests: Dumpling City 山东水饺 in Field Street, CBD – there’s an array options here and you can choose between fried, steamed/boiled!

Our picks: Dumplings R Us on Rundle Street, CBD – cooked in the traditional style, and it always hits the spot.

Dumpling King China town, CBD – if you want variety this is the places for those that need choices.

Spring Rolls 黄金万两

Symbolises wealth and prosperity.

YoYo suggests: Ying Chow Chinese Restaurant on Gouger Street, CBD – super crispy and super tasty!

Our picks: House of Chow on Hutt Street, CBD – Not only can you get your traditional Spring Rolls, but there are weight watchers and vegetarian options available too – we’re all covered!

MaiKitchen Restaurant on Wright St, Ferryden Park – The dish may have originated from China, but has been modified to fit Vietnamese tastes!

Tangyuan (Sweet Rice Balls) 团团圆圆

Symbolises being together with your loved ones and family reunion.

YoYo suggests: Check the freezer section of most Asian grocers! There are many fillings to choose from – Peanut, Black Sesame, Red Bean, Rose, Chocolate etc…

Niangao (Glutinous Rice Cake) 年年高升 

Represents prosperity.

YoYo suggests: Shu Tang Chinese Restaurant in China town, CBD – it’s a sweet cake and these guys make the indulgence feel even sweeter.

Where have you found some delicious dishes? Let us know at [email protected]

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