How To Ensure Your Small Business Thrives In South Australia

Navigate your way through owning a small business and how to succeed with Business SA’s SAYES program – every small business owners’ dream.

Running a small business is hard work, there’s so many areas you have to know all about – from specific laws, to how to promote your business, to what taxes you have to pay, and what happens when you employ someone.

Business SA for one, understand how hard it is, and they’re trying to make it a whole lot easier for small business owners with their South Australian Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (SAYES).

SAYES is a government funded program designed to help South Aussies between 18 and 35 years to turn their business dream into a reality and focus on creating a sustainable business model. Over the 12 months, you’ll gain an understanding of business fundamentals and develop the confidence to implement these in your business. At the completion of the program, you’ll leave armed with a comprehensive, fully-formed business plan, ready to successfully launch or establish your business (and hopefully make millions).

If this sounds like something you could really use and benefit from, you’ll want to get your application in quick smart. The cut-off date for SAYES applications is fast approaching (Monday 3 July), with the program starting in August.

The program has help numerous small South Australian business owners just like Naomi Murrell of Naomi Murrell Studios. She’s designer and purveyor of fashion jewellery and accessories – and she’s also a previous SAYES candidate. Naomi praises the program for giving her and her partner the confidence to trust their instincts in business decisions. Whether it’s trouble shooting issues, consulting experts for help with challenges or defining their goals and evaluating results, the skills they learnt in the SAYES program were invaluable. Having graced the pages of many a fine mag, from the likes of Frankie, Yen and Marie Claire, Naomi’s label continues to win hearts. You’ll find her designs in her Ebenezer Place store and available from many Australian and international stockists.

Whether it’s trouble shooting issues, consulting experts for help with challenges or defining their goals and evaluating results, the skills they learnt in the SAYES program were invaluable. – Naomi Murrell, previous SAYES participant

It was great having time set aside to discuss different areas of the business, and the ongoing ‘homework’ of developing a business plan to help propel us forward – Naomi Murrell, previous SAYES participant

You’ll be surrounded by others, like Naomi, who are at a similar stage with their small business, and will gain the opportunity to not only network with your peers, but with those outside of the program at SAYES’s networking events throughout the year. With workshop presentations and your own dedicated mentor who will nurture and guide you throughout the program, you’ll have an experience few other small businesses in Adelaide are afforded.

Their workshop sessions cover topics such as:

  • Business Direction – Strategic Management
  • Powerful Business Models
  • Legal
  • Finances
  • Business Planning
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Digital Strategy
  • Media & PR
  • HR & Workforce Planning
  • Leadership

It has given us a 10 page business plan template for ongoing planning which is essential. We review this every quarter and update it annually to ensure we are focussing our energy in the right areas. – Naomi Murrell

SAYES has been operating since 1998, and with over 500 people participating in the program, they know what they’re doing. The program’s graduates have created 500 jobs and made $65 million revenue as of the 2014-2015 financial year.

Naomi’s success is a testament to the value of this program, and her advice to prospecting participants is if you have an exciting business idea or are in the very early stages of operation this program will be very useful as it covers all areas you will need to consider in order to map a path to success, whatever that may look like for you. There are only 30 places in this year’s program, and with the cut-off date coming up on Monday 3 July, you better get your application in soon.

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