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How To Get The Most Out Of Being A BankSA Cardholder During Fringe

Having a BankSA card during the Adelaide Fringe is certainly a known advantage but have you ever wondered exactly what that little BankSA card gets you?

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Everyone knows that during the Adelaide Fringe Festival, one of the best things to be is a BankSA cardholder.  

Why, you ask?

The benefits, of course.

We’ve all been there. Whether you’re the one smugly holding up your BankSA card, or watching with envy as your mate reaps benefits with theirs.

Having a BankSA card during the Adelaide Fringe is certainly a known advantage but have you ever wondered exactly what that little BankSA card gets you?

So, without further ado, it’s time for the BankSA cardholders to read on (and non-BankSA cardholders to read on anyway).

Whip out your BankSA card when purchasing tickets for select shows to score a sweet 25% off.

Use the ‘BankSA Cardholder’ price-type filter when you’re browsing shows online at to see where you can use this discount.

Some of the select shows include:

RougeThe circus for grown ups. A non-stop celebration of the astonishing, surprising, subversive and the supremely sexy, award-winning sensation Rouge is returning with its biggest, extended, and most outrageous show yet.

Just DessertsThe multi award-winning, sensual dessert party is back after a smash hit debut at the 2019 Adelaide Fringe and a huge season at the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Featuring a live rock-pop powered soundtrack, Australia’s singing cook explores empowerment, body image, social pressure and desire through song, sex and sugar (includes dessert tastings).

ORPHEUSThis show is an internationally award winning, modern retelling of an ancient greek myth. Dave is single and turning 30. He’s stood at the bar. Eurydice is a tree nymph. And Bruce Springsteen is on the juke box. A tale of impossible, death-defying love told through hair-raising spoken word and soaring soul music.

Jump The Queue

You’ve got your tickets to a show at any of the Spiegeltents in Gluttony or The Garden of Unearthly Delights in one hand and an icy drink in the other. You’re smack bang in the middle of a long line of buzzing people. The show ushers call out to those with a BankSA card. Wait … that’s you!

Yep, you can flash your BankSA card and skip the queue when lining up for a show in any of the Spiegeltents in Gluttony or The Garden.

Image credit: Helen Page

BankSA Support Acts

Take a chance with a tenner this Fringe with BankSA Support Acts, a BankSA funded initiative that gives audiences (not just BankSA cardholders) the opportunity to buy tickets to selected shows for only $10.

These tickets are limited so be sure to book yours quickly. Select the ‘BankSA Support Acts’ price-type filter when searching for tickets to book.

Tenner shows include:

Completely Improvised Potter | They solemnly swear they’re up to no good as new Potter adventures are improvised before your very eyes. Using a suggestion from the audience of what could’ve been the title of a Potter book. but wasn’t, ‘Completely Improvised Potter’ will show you a year at Hogwarts like you’ve never seen it before. 

UKE SPRINGSTEEN | After selling out three consecutive Fringe seasons, founder and creator of the ‘Ukulele Death Squad’, Benjamin Roberts will take you on a nylon string journey that dives deep into the catalogue of one of the world’s greatest songwriters: The Boss, Bruce Springsteen. Created out of pure respect to the songs, this is a show not to be missed this Fringe.

TOD Talks | Ideas worth … well, not much really. A show of improvised presentations where the audience has no idea what is going to happen, and neither do the presenters. Comedians and improv artists compete in a masterclass of sh*t talking. You decide who bluffed the best and deserves the title of Keynote Speaker.

All in all, it seems safe to say that having a BankSA card is a rather valuable thing during the Adelaide Fringe.

Find out more here.

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