How To Help Your Kids Nail National Literacy and Numeracy Week

The surprisingly simple way you can help your children with their literacy and numeracy skills.

For many parents, the bedtime story routine is a relatively easy and pretty enjoyable way to support your child’s reading skills. But finding a similar activity to develop their numeracy skills can be a challenge – particularly if you’ve never really enjoyed maths yourself!

With National Literacy and Numeracy Week fast approaching on 4-10 September, The Smith Family is focused on helping parents support the development of their children’s basic maths skills during those critical early years.

The Smith Family know that nationally, one in six children in Australia start school behind, and children who start school behind in maths generally stay behind. Developing a child’s early maths skills is just as important as their reading, yet many parents are uncertain about how to do this.

As Australia’s largest children’s education charity, The Smith Family supports thousands of disadvantaged children across the country with their Let’s Count program, which helps parents and early childhood educators develop the maths skills and interest of children aged three to five.

And now they’re bringing it to the workplace! They’ve developed an offshoot program for businesses – called Let’s Count at work – which is a fun and unique way for organisations to engage their staff, providing practical information on how to develop the maths skills of young children in their care.

This highly interactive one-hour workshop is delivered by an experienced educator from The Smith Family and takes participants through a range of simple games and activities they can do with their children, using a take-home goody bag. Even better? All proceeds from businesses who host a training session go towards The Smith Family’s education programs for disadvantaged children.

Workshop take-home goody bag

We’ve put together a list of everyday life scenarios that can you can use to help your children develop their numeracy skills:

  1. When making lunch, discuss how you can cut a sandwich into halves, quarters, squares and triangles. How many pieces do you have now?
  2. Cook together! Measure ingredients, and times, discuss temperatures.
  3. Ask your child to help you with the laundry. Sort socks into pairs, notice patterns.
  4. Play outside with water or sand. Use scales or measuring containers of different sizes.
  5. In the car, notice and discuss speed and distance. How far? How fast? How long?
  6. In the park, play with height, length, distance, shapes. Can you find a square? A circle?
  7. Notice maths in the supermarket. Use the scales to explore different weights, discuss sizes, colours. Can you find 2 big red apples? What is heavier: an apple or an orange? What’s in your trolley? Separate the objects into groups by size, colour, shape.

For more information about National Literacy and Numeracy Week, head to their website. 

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