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How To Nail Proposing To Your Loved One

Make sure your proposal is spectacular with these great tips from the experts!

Ladies, gentlemen; Valentine’s Day is tomorrow. Have you have been thinking of ways to pluck up the courage to propose to your beloved? We sat down with the love experts at Gerard McCabe to come up with out favourite ways to help you pop the question on Valentine’s Day.

You really can’t get more romantic than a Valentine’s proposal. The reasons for this are numerous. First of all, Valentine’s isn’t some tired cliche of romance. It actually has legitimate roots stretching back to Roman and pagan times. Once it was a blessing of fertility rites and a genuine celebration of marriage and love. A Valentine’s Day proposal is part of a tradition that stretches back over centuries. And that, is truly special and a beautiful sentiment.

On a cheeky note, it limits the number of days and anniversaries dates you have to remember. By giving a gift every Valentine’s Day in the future, you are also celebrating the day you got engaged. Double brownie points. As we say, numerous reasons both sentimental and pragmatic!

A Private Viewing

Although utterly romantic and personal, a Valentine’s Day proposal has an element of public attention. This may be not what you or your intended would like! So why not consider a secluded and romantic dinner for two, hand packed by yourself? A picnic blanket under the stars by the ocean. Or hire out a garden or section of a winery for the night. You could even do it in your own backyard, as long as you set the scene right! Go all out, candles, lanterns, flowers and mood music. Then, when you are sufficiently relaxed on bubbles and a lovely meal, pop down on one knee and ask the question.

Book a table somewhere by the sea. We are so spoiled for amazing restaurants and beaches in South Australia. You could stay close to home and go to the metropolitan beaches. Or head out to Yorke or Fleurieu Peninsulas and have an overnight stay and dine by the beach – think oysters, champagne and seafood.

Suggest a late stroll to work off the dinner and head to one of our many beautiful old jetties. Often over a hundred years old, these piers have weathered storms and stood the test of time. It’s a wonderful metaphor for your future marriage. Under the moonlight, with the waves crashing and a gentle breeze, pop the question.

Spectacular, Spectacular

Do you and your intended like a lot of razzle, dazzle and spectacular? If so, why not propose in the manner you mean to continue in? You must have already booked the dinner reservations by now, but it’s not too late to get an incredible plan together. Speak to the restaurant manager and plan and all singing and dancing proposal to remember.

Whatever you do, don’t hide the ring in a cake, a glass of champagne or anything you imbibe! It never works well, it’s a little cheesy and you could damage the ring. Instead, think of classier ways to achieve the same surprise. Arrange a violinist to come and serenade your table. Leading up to the finale, have the staff turn down the lights and surprise her with the ring. Or a mariachi band if that’s your style (though this is advised with caution). Even something as simple as the waiter bringing the ring over in a covered dish. Along with a gorgeous bottle of champagne, you propose as the ring is revealed.

For all those spontaneous types out there. Choose a ring and carry it around on the day. Don’t plan it, let the night play out. In a sense, this is the most romantic of all plans. By letting the moment choose itself, you allow yourself to give full attention to the night. Take in your surroundings, remember each and every moment and allow yourself to relax. Sometimes the planning and execution leave you a nervous wreck. You fail to enjoy the moment and your intended. You may come off as distracted and agitated. Let it flow and you will know the perfect moment to drop on one knee.

Get A Ring In

As in, get a ring in for the real deal. The truth of the matter is, your intended might have wildly different ideas about what their engagement ring should look like. Rather than surprising them with the wrong sort and thus forcing a pantomime of delight, allow them to choose with you.

Choosing an engagement ring together is a beautiful memory. It’s genuinely exciting and fills you with love and delight in each other and the future. A brilliant suggestion to get around the proposal conundrum is to get a dummy ring. Either a genuine ring that you intend for her to wear, just not as an engagement piece, or some a ring of your own.

Depending on your inclination, you can make it a personal sentimental dummy ring, or a genuine joke ring. Don’t think of this option as unromantic and safe. Instead, think of it as a devotion to your mutual happiness.

However you decide to propose, remember to tailor it to your intended’s taste. Don’t stress yourself into knots about it. It’s a wonderful time and memory for you both to share and laugh and celebrate down the track. Valentine’s really is the perfect date to propose, continuing the centuries old tradition.

If you haven’t got the ring yet and you are panicking, don’t! Get the dummy ring in and visit the team at Gerard McCabe in store with your intended for a free engagement ring consultation. After all, they will be wearing it for the rest of their life.

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