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How To Save Friendships & Plan Your Wedding Too

We’ve found a solution that will help minimise stress and increase efficiency of your wedding planning while keeping your friendships in tact.

Choosing your bridesmaids and Maid of Honour can be a particularly daunting task in the lead up to your wedding. You can feel like you’re playing a (loose) game of favourites amongst your friends and family. And sometimes feelings get hurt, things change etc.

Traditionally, the Maid of Honour plays a vital role in your wedding as they’re you go-to for advice, co-captain, personal assistant, best friend and everything in between. It can get tricky when you’re relying on them to help you but you a) don’t want to feel like you’re pestering them to run wedding errands and you know they’re already suuuper busy and b) if something gets accidentally dropped on their end, it can add tension to your friendship or the wedding planning. Sometimes your Maid of Honour is the person you want by your side on the big day but they’re not particularly organised by nature… so what do you do to lessen the load and make sure you still have a best friend after all the wedding?

We’ve found a solution that will help to minimise the stress and increase efficiency.

It’s an Adelaide-based service called Quintillion Concierge and they’re basically your personal assistant/wedding coordinator/best friend turned (other) Maid of Honour.

It’s important to note however, Quintillion are not wedding planners. They fill the gap nicely between your wedding planner who takes care of all the massive stuff and you/your Maid of Honour who take care of the smaller things like picking out your bridesmaids dresses and arranging wedding party gifts. The guys at Essentially, Quintillion will work with you in the lead up to your wedding to help bring your vision to life, assist you with all the things you don’t have time to do or might even forget about.

For brides that are interstate Quintillion can be on the ground here in Adelaide organising and meeting people on their behalf. In fact they can do way more than that, for example they can:

  • Organising accommodation/transportation for family/friends that might be coming from interstate or overseas
  • Running last minute errands for the bride to take the stress away
  • Arrange wedding party gifts
  • Arrange thank you notes
  • Assist mother of the bride and/or groom
  • Booking spa treatments
  • Hair and beauty bookings
  • Assist with photograph list for the photographer can also help with the organisation of this on the day

Your initial meeting with Quintillion will be focused on getting to know you, your vision and budget. Some brides prefer to meet face-to-face prior to starting any tasks while other brides find they’re too busy and may just prefer to email Quintillion with some tasks. It’s really up to the bride. While office hours at 8am-6pm, Quintillion can perform out of hours task where required to ensure minimal stress.

Moving forward onto wedding tasks, Quintillion will work with the bride to find a communication method and frequency that works in with your schedule, for example, do you want Quintillion to text you updates throughout the day or send you an email at the end of the day with a quick update or a comprehensive email at the end of the week which can look at over the weekend? Typically brides choose to receive a beautifully presented PDF from Quintillion filled with you vision, requests, to-do list and information gathered.

Quintillion can also work alongside your Maid of Honour and bridesmaids if they want to help out or take the pressure completely off you. Again, it’s totally up to the bride how involved Quintillion will be during the wedding planning.

You can find out more information on their website here.

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