Prep Your Kids For Summer With Sun-Safe, Snazzy Sunnies

Hats aren’t as sun-safe as we’d thought. Keep your kids protected from the harsh Australian sun with a quality pair of sunnies.

Living in Australia we should know the dangers of the sun. But, did you know 80 percent of a person’s lifetime exposure to UV is before the age of 18! That mean’s our kids are more vulnerable than us. School’s have compulsory hat protection, but what about their eyes? Hats only protect from above, not below. So, our children aren’t protected as much as we’ve thought!

School Sunnies Australia’s mission is to help your child see a bright and happy future. Rather than wrap your kids in bubble wrap and keep them inside away from the dangers of the world, sunnies are a simple solution to keep everyone sun-safe and looking snazzy!

The exclusive range of close-fitting, wrap-around children’s sunnies is designed specifically for school-aged kids playing outside in the harsh Australian sunshine. And because kids will be kids, School Sunnies Australia’s glasses are incredibly durable. With hundreds of students at most schools, your kid might easily loose them. Well, School Sunnies Australia have thought of that! The sunnies cases are equipped with a clip to attach them to your child’s schoolbag and have an identification area so, your child should never lose their sunnies again.


If your kid is fashion forward they can colour coordinate with their school or sporting team uniform with four colours including navy, bottle green, maroon and grey. Even adults and teachers can wear them to set a sun-safe example. We all know kids learn from us.

Sunglasses for kids

For more information check out the School Sunnies Australia website and shop it here.

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