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How you can help save the historical Trak Cinema

Current owner, Adam Towill, says just two more patrons per film session would see the Trak return to sustainability, able to remain open.


The Trak Cinema has long held a special place in my wannabe film-buff heart.

Located in Toorak Gardens, the cinema is quirky and quaint. Curtains veil the doorways, and the viewing experience is the kind of cosy you anticipate from a lounge room.

Current owner, Adam Towill, has issued a statement on Instagram to share the news the Trak may be in its final weeks of existence.   

The Trak has been running, on and off, for forty-five years, first opening its doors in 1975. It is, in Towill’s words, “operated for love, not money.”

According to Towill, a demonstrable increase in patronage needs to be shown urgently, “to prevent the building owners from replacing the Trak with more profitable tenants.”

“Some prospective tenants whom wish to turn it into a fitness club were shown through yesterday, and it was absolutely soul-destroying to listen to what could be destroyed and removed to accommodate their needs,” said Towill in his statement.

The demonstrable increase?

Two more patrons per session.

Towill says this will see the Trak return to sustainability, enabling this historical cinematic space to continue bringing its film selection to Adelaide for years to come.

“Adelaide, we need your help and we need it urgently,” said Towill.

“Please share far and wide, but most importantly, please come and see a film.”

Check out the current films screening at the Trak and purchase your tickets here.

Find the Trak at 375 Toorak Gardens.

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