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Howard Vineyard’s stunning reno unveiled

The bar that services the restaurant and function space has majorly expanded, in the second stage of Howard Vineyard’s renovations.

Images courtesy of Howard Vineyard

Howard Vineyard‘s stunning renovation, which were unveiled to the public 18 months ago, were only the beginning of the Adelaide Hills winery’s upgrades.

The team at Howard have just completed round two, with COVID-19 restrictions causing temporary closures, being cited as the appropriate time to kick everything off.

The bar that services the restaurant, function space and tastings has majorly expanded.

Now the area spans a far wider space so patrons can have tastings in conjunction with normal restaurant and event bar service.

The expansion is in line with Howard Vineyard’s consistently growing popularity. It’s almost needless to say that it’s a stunning design, with the marriage between rustic and modern features in perfect display.

The glossy wooden counter, still in its natural shape, that glints in the light and overlooks their delicious range.

You can visit Howard Vineyard at 53 Bald Hills Rd, Nairne.

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