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Hugh Sheridan shocks Adelaide audience with romantic, surprise proposal

Things suddenly got spectacular and real, when we realised that this part of wasn’t the show, and was actually an act of love.

Tonight, the most fabulous thing happened. While the audience, already excited to be amongst other people, with limited restrictions, and the ability to dance where we sat, settling in for the night, things got hectic.

High Sheridan and his eclectic, talented crew for HUGHMAN, stepped things up to a level, even I did not expect.

While I’ll allow our reviewer to review the show for its merits, I’m here from the romantic, fabulous point of view to share what went down tonight.

Hugh Sheridan, our God and man of Arts, with a history with our families, playing Ben Rafter in the television series Packed to the Rafter and four-time Logie Award winner, is the man we’ve all spent years wanting to know.

His charisma and energy has long since permeated the Australian Arts scene, well after his Packed to the Rafter days ended, and his stage career really took off. And now, he’s basically the epitome of what we want on stage.

So tonight, when Hugh and his entourage took to the open-air stage at Gluttony for the opening night of HUGHMAN for Adelaide Fringe, we expected larger than life action.

What we did not expect, was Hugh bearing his soul in front of his home town, and full house, at a cool, open-air, covid-friendly, venue with his boyfriend & social media star and bank worker Kurt Roberts.

Kurt, who was wearing a fabulous matching Camilla outfit, with glitter on his face, was initially thought to be part of Hugh’s spectacular show, but his front row presence turned out to be more of a show stopper, than we ever expected.

After an initial DJ set and tap dance routine by his crew, Hugh turned the tables, suddenly entering the enthusiastic crowd, and serenading the unsuspecting Kurt, and to be honest the rest of us too, who had no idea what was going on. Then he proposed.

Mid proposal, we still weren’t sure if it was part of the show. Hugh was just so effortless in his display.

Things suddenly got spectacular and real, when we realised that this part of wasn’t the show, and was actually an act of love.

Kurt said yes, Hugh was ecstatic, and the show went on, in spectacular fashion.

It’s the happy ending we all wish for, and during Adelaide Fringe in a Pandemic, you really can’t get better glimpses of humanity, and talent, and community, and wonder. Congratulations Hugh and Kurt. What a fabulous life you’ll have.

While you may not get a proposal, you can catch HUGHMAN at Gluttony this Fringe. Get all the details here.

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