Hungry For Game

Highway Hotel Plympton, South Australia Photo: John Kruger

Adelaide diners are smiling at a crocodile as their next dining experience

Favouring an educational, new experience over a chicken parmi, diners are demanding more from their local pub. Caught up in the culinary reality TV show revolution, dining has been brought to new gastronomic levels as consumers look to expand their palate.

The Highway, awarded SA’s Best Hotel in 2012 by the AHA and owned by leading hotel group, The Palmer Hospitality Group, has been serving up a dedicated game meat menu as part of Game Season for two weeks in May for the past three years.

According to The Highway’s Head Chef, Nick Finn the demand for an educational and exciting dining experience has significantly increased since the game meat menu was introduced three years ago.

“Gone are the days of diners ordering the safest dish on the menu. We’re seeing them step out of their comfort zone to order something they’ve never tried before. There’s no doubt that the influence of shows like My Kitchen Rules and MasterChef have contributed to the changes in Australian’s attitudes towards game meat. There is certainly less of a stigma to eating crocodile or duck today than five years ago.”

“Guests are asking culinary and wait staff more and more, where ingredients are sourced, how the food is prepared and why the chef has paired the particular flavours,” said Mr Finn.

Game meats supplier, Macro Meats’ Managing Director, Ray Borda, has also noted the rising popularity with “crocodile meat sales increasing by 5 per cent in 2012.

“People are more educated on the low fat, high protein nutritional benefits of meats like kangaroo and crocodile and are no longer as timid to try it. Once they do, they’re impressed with both the delicious taste and tenderness.

“In the past, restaurants, pubs and cafés have been cautious when it came to putting meats like crocodile on their menus, it’s great to see consumer demand allowing chefs to be creative with game meat,” said Mr Borda.

Macro Meats will be supplying Head Chef, Nick Finn with a selection of game meats during Game Season at The Highway from today to May 15. You can expect to taste dishes such as crocodile skewers, rabbit cacciatore and kangaroo burgers during Game Season. For more details or book your table, visit

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