Local SA designer infuses flowers from your wedding day into naturally dyed silk keepsakes

Hunter Made

Hunter Made, a mother daughter and husband run business in Adelaide is mostly known for wedding bouquet infused silks taking preserving wedding flowers and memories to a new level.

Phoebe Hunter is an awesome local designer here in SA who is taking on the fashion industry with her seasonal collections of scrunchies, scarfs, socks and textiles which use floral waste.

The circular designer is making hand dyed garments which look awesome and can have sentimental value. The mother, daughter and husband run business, Hunter Made, is known mostly for wedding bouquet infused silks taking preserving wedding flowers and memories to a new level.

Preserving wedding flowers has been a tradition in many countries around the world for over 4000 years and since the 1990s it has had a renaissance of sorts.

Wedding flowers are such a beautiful part of the entire wedding style with many starting to plan their big day starting with the blooms they have dreamed of.

Our bespoke wedding bouquet pieces offer gentle sentimentality,” said Phoebe Lowe.

“The essence of your wedding day is delicately expressed through the romance of silk. The story behind each flower, and the world in which they bloomed, influences how they react as a dye material. 

“Typically, white roses may result in soft sienna/golden tones, natives may shift to umber/orange/earthy tones, and red roses may gift blush/purple tones. 

The naturally dyed bespoke and heirloom textiles the teamwork with are natural materials such as linen, silk, cotton, wool, and hemp, and can infuse pieces of your choice with botanical dyes to create something truly unique.

Some of their bespoke offerings include: – Plant infused table linen for weddings and events – custom dyed clothing and special garments – botanical dyed home textiles such as bed linen, pillowslips and throws – reviving sentimental and existing textiles with botanical dyes.

One of their most popular items is the Wedding Scarf using the flowers from your wedding or special event to create q truly unique scarf using botanical dying process and eco printing.

With weddings a key focus of their business Hunter Made specialises in Floral infused artistry… An alchemy of the seasons. 

“Our work and collections are inspired by what is available to us throughout the seasons. We harvest flowers from our own gardens and regularly collaborate with local businesses, such as florists, to recycle floral and organic materials that would otherwise go to waste,” added Phoebe.

“Embracing the concept of circularity, we conjure beauty out of what already exists using natural materials such as leaves, flowers, charcoal, raw pigments, and wood.”

Phoebe, is an environmentally conscious artist, innately drawn to the concepts of circularity and sustainability, exploring the convergence of existing materials to create her ethereal textiles

An ode to her community of like-minded businesses. It is her pleasure to work with businesses such as nurseries, public gardens, florists, creative spaces, cafés, and art galleries to bring our collaborative floral infused visions to life. 

Hunter Made
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