Hyde Park Just Got A Whole Lot Sweeter With The New St Louis

St Louis looks to up the ante in the dessert game with a new store in Hyde Park.

Deliciousness has a new home in Hyde Park. The atmosphere and culture of Hyde Park has been evolving over the last year or so. With Farina 00’s upgrading it’s menu, 50sixone firmly establishing itself in the main street, and many other eateries flourishing. Hyde Park is more of a destination than ever before. This point is highlighted with the opening of a new St Louis on King William St in Hyde Park.

Having already seen great success in North Adelaide, Glenelg, Norwood and even the Philippines, St Louis is on track to be at the forefront of the premier dessert scene. With a tried and tested method of seamless customer service and lovingly crafted and creative desserts, St Louis continues to delight with this new addition.

The new store in Hyde Park looks to appeal to a wide range sugar and sweet lovers. With an upstairs and downstairs area, the store has an expansive space to accommodate large groups. This consists of a lounge and casual space upstairs, with a charming setting it’s perfect for a cup of coffee and a book in the morning. Downstairs is a more traditional café, restaurant space, well suited for a snack and hang outs with friends.

All in all, St Louis Hyde Park has done everything to appeal to the growing interest in this part of town. It’s well positioned with a delectable menu we’ve come to expect from St Louis. Great location and appealing décor makes this a marvellous addition to the already extensive selection in Hyde Park.

Visit St Louis now at 185 King William Rd, Hyde Park. Check out more details here.

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