Hydrogen buses to hit the streets of Adelaide this month

Hydrogen buses will hit the streets of Adelaide this month in a leap towards a greener future

The State Government has announced they are taking a big leap towards a cleaner, greener future for public transport in South Australia.

In a bid to showcase the potential of zero-emission transportation, the government is launching trials for cutting-edge hybrid trains and hydrogen buses to be integrated into the network.

In what is hailed as a groundbreaking move, a two-year hydrogen bus trial is set to kick off with two hydrogen-fueled vehicles based at the Morphettville bus depot.

These buses will hit the streets of Adelaide from late August, and if all goes well, they could pave the way for more eco-friendly transport options in the future.

With sustainability in mind, the first hydrogen bus has arrived in Adelaide, catching everyone’s eye with its striking green decal.

The trial is made possible through a partnership between Foton Mobility, BOC, H2H Energy, and operator Torrens Transit. The use of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Buses (HFCB) is gaining momentum worldwide, and it is exciting to see Adelaide taking the lead in adopting this emerging, green technology.

Hydrogen buses offer a promising alternative to battery electric buses, with faster refueling and a greater range, which could be crucial in delivering services to far-flung areas and regions, ensuring efficient and reliable public transport for all South Australians.

But the green revolution doesn’t stop with buses, with the State Government also making progress in powering trains with cleaner technology.

An ongoing test of a prototype hybrid-diesel railcar has been successful, and plans are underway to introduce the new Energy Storage and Recovery System to 44 diesel railcars.

This system will not only reduce fuel consumption but also contribute to noise and emission reduction, providing a more pleasant experience for passengers.

With sustainability at the forefront, Adelaide Metro is committed to embracing a zero-emissions future. The transition towards a more environmentally friendly bus fleet is already underway, with the state’s first full battery electric bus undergoing rigorous testing. The benefits for passengers are undeniable, offering more space, comfort, and accessibility while cutting out noise and fuel-based pollution.

Adelaide Metro’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint aligns with the State Government’s ambitious net zero emissions target by 2050. As the trials progress and the success of these clean transport options becomes evident, it’s clear that South Australia is speeding towards a brighter, greener future for public transportation.

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Tom Koutsantonis said along with significantly reducing fuel use and environmental impact, this new hybrid train system offers a better customer experience – particularly at Adelaide Railway Station – where the train engine can remain off, reducing noise and pollution for those on board and in the station.
“This rail trial complements our commitment to embrace hybrid and fully electric solutions on Adelaide’s bus fleet, with South Australia’s first full battery electric bus already being tested, and 24 electric hybrid buses already in operation,” he said.
“Those will now be joined by a ground-breaking trial of two hydrogen buses, which demonstrate the real-world application of South Australia’s investment in hydrogen technology through the Hydrogen Jobs Plan.
“This innovative trial will place South Australia as an Australian leader in applying hydrogen technology across our public transport network. The hydrogen buses will be fuelled with the assistance of the Tonsley Innovation Facility.”
“We will leave no stone unturned in the quest to employ cleaner, greener and more efficient technologies across the public transport system that help achieve net zero emissions by 2050 – or even earlier.”

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