Taste The Best of Spring Over 7 Incredible Courses

Taste The Best of Spring Over 7 Incredible Courses

We’re pretty sure it’s Spring… regardless The Lane Vineyard are preparing to capture the best flavours paired with their incredible wines this month.


We’ll cling to anything. Like that 27 degree day we’re being promised this week. We’ll cling to that. And also the faint glimpses of Spring we’ve had in between the miserable rain. The sun is so close our pasty skin is drinking up the overcast weather like we’re in the UK right now… and the spring flavours we’ve been waiting to sink our tastebuds into are here to accompany.

If you’ve ever overlooked the stunning rolling Hills from the raised dining room at The Lane, or been lucky enough to try their Gathering Experience Wine Flights, just the mention of their name should flood you with warm, happy, and slight confused memories about why you didn’t just pitch a tent on their property and decide to live in their back yard the moment you found the place (it’s illegal to squat on another person’s property, that’s why). Focus on those warm and happy feelings though and then crank the dial even further for their Winter Reds degustation.

Chef James Brinklow is ready to spoil everyone lucky enough to get a ticket with the best Adelaide Hills’ winter season produce matched to his favourite vintages and some hidden treasures from the cellar. Here are some keywords to glue to your mind as you think about the seven dishes you’ll enjoy: Porcini, Cured Pork Jowl, Prawn, Clams, Kangaroo Loin, Tail and Tendon, and whole brussel sprouts cooked in lard with paprika. Grab a bib now, you’re mouth is watering over your screen…

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To say this is unmissable is really not necessary. If you’re fumbling your phone looking for the phone number to secure your booking, here it is – 8388 1250. Prepare for maximum food coma.

The Lane are located at 5 Ravenswood Ln, Hahndorf. For more information from them in the lead up to Winter Reds, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

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