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Iconic SA brand Halls to hit Drakes Supermarkets’ shelves this week

Iconic Halls soft drinks will be stocked in Drakes Supermarkets this week, following production recently resuming on these beloved beverages.

Drakes Supermarkets has confirmed shoppers will find an iconic South Australian beverage brand in stores this week: Halls soft drinks.

Halls Soft Drinks are set to hit the shelves in Drakes this week, so people eager to get their hands on a bottle to savour the nostalgia or introduce a new generation to these cherished beverages, keep an eye out during your next Drakes Supermarkets visit.

“We are proud to be supporting a local South Australian company to bring back a South Aussie Icon with Halls soft drinks hitting our shelves later this week,” Drakes Category Manager Jacklyn Webster says.

“We’re working with the SA Manufacturer to stock the Halls 330ml range, which customers can get this week and the 1litre range hopefully following in the next couple of weeks.”

Production recently resumed on beloved classics such as Halls Lemonade, Lemon Twist, and Fruita, and people will soon spot these familiar classics gracing the shelves in stores once again.

In a nod to tradition, the newly produced Halls beverages will be presented in classic glass bottles, a nostalgic touch that connects the brand to its rich history. The 330mL bottles are already making their way off the production line, and consumers can look forward to the introduction of 1-litre bottles in the near future.

Halls soft drinks are being produced at the former MOJO Kombucha production site in Willunga and their revival marks a significant comeback. This facility, closed the previous year following Coca Cola’s exit from the Kombucha market, has now been rejuvenated to bring back the timeless favorites that fans have long awaited.

To support the resurgence of the Halls brand, the State Government has contributed a $500,000 grant from the Thriving Regions Fund, aimed at fortifying the Willunga bottling facility.

This injection of funds not only aids in the reemployment of five former staff members but also paves the way for expansion plans.

Halls Soft Drinks holds a storied legacy in South Australia, with roots tracing back to 1849 when George Hall established the brand in Marryatville. Over the years, the company flourished, and by 1872, with the active involvement of George Hall’s sons, it expanded to a more spacious location in Norwood, East Adelaide.

The brand lasted more than 100 years before it was bought by Coca Cola and discontinued in 2000.

As South Australians prepare to once again enjoy the crisp, refreshing taste of Halls Soft Drinks, the revival not only brings back cherished memories but also contributes to the local economy and the thriving beverage market.

“The level of public interest and support surrounding the come back of Halls Soft Drinks has been quite unbelievable, and extremely humbling. We are beyond excited to now be in production and nearing the day that South Australians can finally enjoy Halls once again,” South Australian Bottling Company CEO Cameron Ballard said.

“We are immensely grateful for the contribution pledged through Thriving Regions Fund. It will be instrumental in fast tracking our growth plans, and hiring more local people to help achieve these goals.”

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