Iconic SA distillery named Australia’s best in Spirit Awards

St Agnes Distillery has been titled ‘best distillery’, along with a list of other honors at the weekends Tasting Australia Spirit Awards

Over the weekend, the winners of the Tasting Australia Spirit Awards were announced, with St Agnes Distillery claiming the ‘best distillery’ title, along with a list of other awards for their most popular drops.

A record 315 different spirits from 73 Australian Producers entered the awards this year, with 36 of these being exclusively South Australian. Within the gin division of over 150 entrants, St Agnes’ Blind Tiger Organic Gin took home the bronze, cementing the reputation of this already popular gin.

Within the brandy category, St Agnes secured a medal for each of their entries, with their XO 15 Year Old winning gold as well as the trophy for Best Brandy. Their St Agnes VSOP also took home a gold with silver medals awarded to their XO Imperial 20 Year Old, Bartenders Cut and Perpetual Brandy, a brandy that has been developed for export markets.

All of the above culminated in St Agnes Distillery being awarded Best Distillery, the day’s top honour. Richard Angove was on hand to collect the awards, pictured below with the “godfather” of Australian Whisky and Tasting Australia Spirit Awards Patron, Bill Lark, founder of Lark Distillery in Tasmania, and Nick Stock, Tasting Australia Drinks Curator.

Image credit: Angove Family Winemakers

Located in Renmark, the St Agnes Distillery is owned by the Angove family, who for years have been patiently crafting Australia’s most highly awarded brandies, including the three-time title of best brandy in the world.

Every year since 1925, the St Agnes Distillery and barrel halls have been carefully handcrafting brandy that is a testament to the rewards of time, age, ambition and craft. The original copper pot stills, handcrafted and installed by H.Jennings of Adelaide in 1910, have been used to craft every drop of St Agnes Brandy giving it that unique signature and style, well-known to with the label. With over 100 years of distillation experience their purpose is clear, to create Australian spirits of exceptional world standard with a unique Australian expression.

Presented by Master Cask, the winners of the 2021 Tasting Australia Spirit Awards were awarded during the fourth
annual spirit awards ceremony on Saturday 16 October. A record number of entries were submitted this year with a 23% increase from the number of entries in 2020.

With the day’s top honor, and a range of top drops in tow, St Agnes Distillery has cemented itself as one of South Australia’s most iconic distilleries, and we are more than happy to cheers to that!

Find the full list of St Agnes Distillery spirits at their website.

Check out the Angove Family Winemakers range of labels here.

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