Ignore Your Mum, It's Totally Better To Stay Up Late

Ignore Your Mum, It’s Totally Better To Stay Up Late

Your tastebuds can’t tell the time so here’s where to get a decent feed late night.


We don’t know about you, but our Mum’s have always told us it’s bad to stay up late. We’ve always suspected it was them trying to stop us trying to have fun, and now we finally have proof!

Glam was invited along to the launch of La Boca Bar and Grill Up Late. What does it entail you ask? Well, the clever folks at delicious inner city Argentinian steak house La Boca have come to realise that your tastebuds can’t tell the time; and therefore someone needs to be providing Adelaide with late night food and beverages… that don’t come wrapped in paper with a red and yellow logo on the paper bag. In steps La Boca every Friday and Saturday night, staying open until 1am to bring you the goods.

la-boca-1On Friday and Saturday nights you can now see the beautiful food we’ve come to expect from the North Terrace restaurant but served up a little later, alongside a sophisticated cocktail menu and great live music.

We don’t know about you, but as much as we adore Adelaide’s small bar scene, it can be painful trying to get into those smaller places late night, especially those serving up food! Well this is the answer. With all the space of a large restaurant, but that same ‘small bar’ intimate feeling, La Boca is undoubtedly going to be the new balmy night hot spot in the city.

So what’s the menu like we hear you cry!? Amazing. Clearly. It’s a little more limited than the standard La Boca fare, but perfect to ease evening tummy grumbles. Meat is clearly the focus, with mouthwatering pork sliders, tender black angus skirt steak and lamb and pork spiced sausages all on our winning choices list. If you’re after something a little lighter the char-grilled squid in a garlic, parsley and chilli marinade and grilled whole prawns in a lemon, garlic and smoked paprika sauce were to die for too! Can’t decide? Just grab the platter. Sorted.


And to wash it all down, a range of unique cocktails bursting with summer freshness. Perfecto. We were big fans of the Smoked Pear Martinis and the Thaiprinhia (think sours, pineapple, peppercorn and Cachaca.) But, of course, there’s still your classic Mojitos and Sangria for those who know what they like and are damned well sticking to it!


la-boca-4The vibe is elegant and relaxed, but you won’t be shamed for getting up and shaking your tail feather on the dancefloor a little either… as we certainly did.

Serving up from 10pm-1am, even the dirty stop outs (yeah, that’s what our Mum’s call us) among your group won’t go home hungry! Thanks La Boca, this is everything we didn’t know we were looking for!

La Boca Bar and Grill are located at 150 North Terrace, Adelaide.

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