Indian Tandoori Palace joins ranks of beloved suburban Indian restaurants

Indian Tandoori Palace joins the slew of suburban Indian joints that have a seemingly nondescript exterior but offer a special experience.

Taking over the space that once housed another Indian restaurant in the North-East suburb of Evandale, Sam Senwal’s new Indian restaurant opened a mere month ago.

Indian Tandoori Palace joins the slew of suburban Indian joints backed by a long history in the food service industry.

Sam’s 30 odd years of experience in a number of international locations is where this is most evident.

Past notches include working on cruise ships in the US and the UK, notably the Queen Elizabeth 2, a famous retired British passenger ship that is now a floating hotel off the coast of Dubai.

Five star hotels in Dubai and India round off Sam’s career history, before his relocation to Australia, which was also a work-driven move.

Now with 10 years spent in Sydney, and another 10 in Adelaide, he counts Indian Tandoori Palace as his latest venture amongst many.

The fully licensed restaurant offers Indian and South Indian cuisine, alongside what Sam says is a special menu that not many (if any) other Indian restaurants are offering in Adelaide.

The menu includes a traditional Parsi dish, chicken and lamb Dhansak, Paneer Pasanda, and a vegetarian dish made of stuffed paneer sandwiches with dried fruits and a creamy sauce topping.

The menu also features Moghulai chicken, which Sam describes as the ‘original butter chicken,’ different to the Australian iteration.

Expect a vegetable Zalfrezi, an English-Indian dish, and Bombay beef and Bombay chicken, which when paired with kashmiri pulao, is a specialty of Sam’s.

Indian Tandoori Palace benefits from suburbia’s conveniences with plenty of parking space, and a total capacity of 60.

Find Indian Tandoori Palace at Shop 4/107 Portrush Road, Evandale.

To get in touch with Indian Tandoori Palace, call 08 8363 1659 or click here.

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