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Indigenous comedian Kevin Kropinyeri’s Fringe set will give you heaps to “Talkabout”

In “Kevin Kropinyeri Goes Talkabout,” the comedian opens up about particularly absurd challenges of life as an Aboriginal Australian family man.

Rapidly becoming a national treasure, Kevin Kropinyeri is one of Australia’s premier Indigenous comedians.

A proud Ngarrindjeri man, he comes from the lower River Murray, the Lakes and Coorong region in South Australia.

Kropinyeri has experienced many challenges, failures and successes over his lifetime.

In the heart-warmingly humble and humour-filled “Kevin Kropinyeri Goes Talkabout,” he opens up about his colourful and chequered past, bringing his own truth to the stage with a comedy A-game.

A one-man whirlwind that will have audiences holding their sides laughing, Kropinyeri shares tales of growing up, marriage and the particularly absurd challenges of life as an Aboriginal Australian family man.

“By exposing my human elements as a son, brother, father, cousin and friend, and my mistakes, failures and wins, through comedy, I hope audiences leave with the knowledge that we all have the potential to overcome and survive through our hardships, whatever they may be,” Kropinyeri says.

“We can overcome diversity in whatever form, irrelevant of our differences and similarities.”

Kevin tours Australia constantly, appearing all over the country, including some of the most remote communities.

He is a star of the Indigenous performing arts, appearing at the Deadly Awards at the Sydne Opera House six years running.

He has featured in the Aboriginal Comedy Allstars alongside Andy Saunders, Steph Tisdell and Sean Choolburra in national and international tours.

His last tour to the UK with the Allstars saw him smash the scene with five-star reviews and sold out crowds.

“You’re in for a deadly show,” Kropinyeri promises.

Buy tickets for Kevin Kropinyeri Goes Talkabout here.

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