Innovative Body & Skin Solutions Offer Pain Free Hair Removal


The art of pain free hair removal and skin rejuvenation may seem like a pipedream – a blissful one for anyone whose experience how unnecessarily painful or uncomfortable topical hair removal creams and IPL lasers can be. Botox? Some of us actually like moving our foreheads. And who wants microdermabrasion or facial treatments from people who aren’t even trained to them properly?

Lucky for Adelaide’s eastern suburbs, Innovative Body and Skin Solutions can do all of the things I’ve mentioned. And yes, sans pain. Under the helm of Birgit Hall, Innovative Body and Skin Solutions has been helping Adelaide stay hair free for almost 15 years. Not to mention helping with other trouble spots, such as cellulite reduction, red vein therapy, acne and acne scarring, and lymphatic drainage, Innovative Body and Skin Solutions has become Adelaide’s go-to place for beauty treatments; without the pain and with all the friendly service.

Managing director Birgit Hall says their services are different to run of the mill hair removal treatments, usually established in day spas or hairdressers where staff members aren’t properly trained.

“We use a class 4 medical grade laser, not cheaper devices like IPL. They’re cheaper, sure, but they’re painful. Ours are pain free! It’s been a big reason why people have kept coming back to us for so many years,” she says.


The benefits of pain free procedures are self-explanatory, but when undertaking facial rejuvenation, pain free treatments mean not only less treatment time, but less downtime – ensuring less damage to your skin, more time to heal, and quicker results. Popular treatments like Fraxel and IPL promise results, but come with 3-4 days downtime. Innovative’s procedures however (and I can attest to this) have zero downtime, with results usually being instant.

Aside from great service, Birgit attests that Innovative is proudly South Australian-based, and won’t be changing any time soon.

“A lot of interstate chains come to Adelaide to set up business and all their profits go interstate. People jump on the hair removal and laser bandwagon so quickly, but we’ve been doing this for such a long time, and building relationships with clients, even through the different generations, is one of the things I love most about my work,” says Birgit.

“Aside from our hair removal and rejuvenating services, we also stock the brand Natural Instinct, as we prefer to use all natural cleansers, toners and moisturizers. We also have an assortment of MAC Cosmetics at below retail price,” Birgit adds.

As well as these products, Innovative is also the only stockist in South Australia of the Skincerity Roll-On Masque – the world’s first nightly breathable face mask.

Innovative Body and Skin Solutions is located at 101 Portrush Rd, Evandale. Call them on 08 8361 3310 to book an appointment today. Follow them on Facebook for some great before & after pics.

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