Interior Design: Sex (Is Still) In The City

Interior Design: Sex (Is Still) In The City

While we wait for Sex in the City 3 to surface, create the ‘Bradshaw’ look in your home in preparation to carry you through


The rumours of the 3rd instalment of the‘Sex In The City’ movies are currently circulating on social media, and we’re excited! Yes, it’s enough news to explode even the modest of fashionista in a stylish & outlandish frenzy. Alas, we await with baited (champagned) breath for the ticket to the red carpet premiere for that final confirmation. However, in the meantime, take heart lovelies because you can create the ‘Bradshaw’ look in your home in preparation to carry you through. Read on…


This maisonette home in North Adelaide gave us a super foundation to work with as the character of the room was divine and we had some beautiful pieces that the owner, Juliette, acquired over the years that we were able to work with. Working with the floor boards gave us the start we needed and everything built from there. Now, essentially, the vibe we aimed for was an eclectic and gathered look, as many pieces were keepsakes, which Juliette really wanted to keep and have close to her. So it really is about keeping some of the fond older pieces and bringing in some new pieces and blending them all together in a carefree and whimsical nature. This is where you get to play with colours and patterns, try not to restrict yourselves here and just have some fun. Choose a core colour (we chose varying degrees of blues) and then build in subtle secondary and tertiary hues.

2This room & genre is mostly about layers, and by putting in the elements we, hopefully, created a room that would be comfortable to come home at the end of the day and relax with a glass of wine or the like. A room that inspired and a room that evoke feelings of comfort and celebrating a life worth living.

It’s important to get the balance right also. Eclectic tends to give the impression that anything and everything goes together without much thought, BUT this look should have a great deal of thought applied. Fun, yes, but everything must have it’s equality and serenity. Be careful to bring in an organic feel (leather lounges & rustic console in our case) mixed with glam aspects. Bright & dull, light & dark, dusty & new, fabulous & understated it all can play a part but balance it out girls & boys.

Main elements we considered important to be impactful were a vast collection of novels and coffee table books, collections of photos in frames, candles and of course flowers. On top of this creating the luxe feel with cushions and throws and ensuring enough surface space for the laptop, coffee & tea cups and the afore mentioned wine glass!

So kick off the heels, get on some sensible shoes (just this once) and head off to the vintage markets and home fairs to start some hunting and gathering. Your ‘Mr Big’ will love you for it.

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