Interview: Adelaide Fringe, Music And More With Kate Miller-Heidke

Glam sat down with the stunning songstress to talk about her upcoming show at the Fringe…

South Australian fans of Kate Miller-Heidke are in for a treat when the singer brings her Summer tour to The Garden Of Unearthly Delights this Fringe season.

Having taken a break from touring to focus on composing and starring in the self-described ‘mish-mash opera’ The Rabbits (based on the John Marsden book), and starring in the ABC soap opera The Divorce, Miller-Heidke is looking forward to hitting the road once again.

The singer-composer took some time to chat with the Glam Adelaide team this week about it: “I spent close to a decade focussing on purely the rock’n’roll side of things, so in a way it was lovely to step off of the treadmill. The last year was really a phase of creative expansion. I’m really looking forward to the tour. I did miss it, and this is going to be an extra special tour for me because it will be the last one before I have a baby.”

Miller-Heidke added that fans can expect to hear a slightly different sound from her on this tour. “I have noticed that with pregnancy my voice feels a bit fuller and richer, apparently because of the extra blood flow, so that’s interesting.”

Having played at The Spiegeltent before, Miller-Heidke knows what to expect from the intimate Adelaide venue, noting the Fringe Festival as one of her favourite things about South Australia.

“A lot of people probably say that, that festival season is their favourite thing about Adelaide, but it definitely is for me. Every time I’m in Adelaide I see some kind of mind-blowing piece of art, or theatre or music.”

As for what fans can expect from the show, the set list isn’t yet set in stone. “I usually map it, but sometimes we get derailed. A venue like The Spiegeltent invites dialogue with the audience.”

The audience can also expect some new pieces that the singer-composer will be road testing.

“It’s a bit weird, the new stuff. A bit of departure from the pop sound of O Vertigo. It’s really inspired by writing for other voices, the work that I’ve done with The Rabbits and Tina Arena recently. It’s me getting outside of my own head and reacting against the poppiness of some of my earlier work, exploring and having a bit of freedom.”

Though the details of these new pieces are under wraps for now, the singer hinted that fans could look forward to more collaborations in the future. With Drapht, Megan Washington and Passenger contributing to her last album, Miller-Heidke seems keen to keep to the theme of variety: “There are just so many artists who I admire. Just this morning Kier [her creative collaborator and husband] and I were admiring the voice of Kamal. Those wonderfully rich chocolaty tones could be so interesting to work with.”

Following the tour, Miller-Heidke will be seeing through one more season of The Rabbits in Brisbane.

Kate Miller-Heidke will play at The Spiegeltent in the Garden Of Unearthly Delights on March 2.

For tickets and information visit: www.katemillerheidke.com.

Interview by Sara Barila

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