Interview: Adelaide Gets Mau Power Surge

Hip Hop artist Mau Power had a massive year in 2014, which included the release of his fantastic album The Show Will Go On and the thought provoking single Freedom featuring Archie Roach

UnknownHip Hop artist Mau Power had a massive year in 2014, which included the release of his fantastic album The Show Will Go On and the thought provoking single Freedom featuring Archie Roach.  It’s one of those amazingly powerful songs that celebrate our indigenous people and the struggles they’ve endured along the way, and the tune is one of those songs that is played over and over for it’s pure deadliness.

Glam Adelaide spoke with Mau Power back in August 2014 about the journey he underwent in making the album, and we were lucky to once again speak to the gentle giant about his upcoming tour.

Patrick ‘Mau’ Power is one of those people who has had the ability to use his own struggles to transform himself and make both his life and those of the Torres Strait Islander community, where he originates from. much better. In brief, Mau Power was a troubled young man who spent time in prison and used that time to reflect and take a good look in the mirror. He’s since turned his life into an inspiring one, and uses music to educate young people to make positive choices and to choose a good path.

“Within my own community and elsewhere people have approached me and mentioned that they’ve heard Freedom and have said that it is empowering, has given them a sense of pride and peace of mind. They feel that things can become better, and I’m seeing that happen. Even schools have contacted me about the song and asked if they can do their own rendition of it because the younger kids also really love it. There’s even been overseas schools doing papers and theses about it- it’s amazing.” It’s not at all surprising that Freedom is fast becoming a pseudo-anthem for indigenous rights, as the voice of another great Australian, Archie Roach, gives the song a sense of authority and determination.

For Power though, the direction his life is taking is one of unexpected surprises and his humble approach to his new found status as an influential Hip Hop artist is both realistic and grounded. ”When I put the music out I really had no idea where it was going to go if anywhere. But when I made up my mind that this was all I wanted to do, then it all followed naturally. I just knew that if I put my passion and effort into my music, I’m going to move from the spot that I’m currently in and I’m going to go somewhere with it, ” he proudly says.

“The lyrics in Freedom are essentially my story, and the line ‘free the slave of your mind, get open’ is about my own journey of change.” Those lyrics resonate through Mau’s music, and are a force for good for anyone listening that is trying to make changes in their own life. Change starts from within, and once we acknowledge and facilitate change, then it inevitably comes. For Mau Power, there can be no greater proof of this than the life this extraordinary man has made for himself!

We speak at length about indigenous affairs and where things are at present, and Power shares articulate views on politics and life in general. There are no stereotypical answers nor are there any claims of culpability, but instead he speaks about the traditional lifestyle of his people and how the ability to maintain this way of life is a huge aspect in not only preserving culture, but also allows Islanders to stay connected to nature.

“When people don’t understand the values and cultural teachings of our people and how we live (such as turtle hunting etc), how can you then introduce policies that are supposed to help us? If they don’t understand the core values of an indigenous community and why we do what we do, then it becomes a difficult issue to navigate. It’s all on a human level, about understanding human beings and our way of life.” Power mentions this in a spirit of unity, one in which our mutual respect for one another can break the chains of ignorance. It’s hard to disagree with a guy that has lived through it and is continuing to advocate for positive change, and it is immensely enjoyable to speak with a guy so humble and grounded with such a dedication and love for his culture! His music combines indigenous culture, Hip Hop, and some gifted, lyrical storytelling coupled with awesome beats.

Get down to The Gov on Friday 20 Feb to experience one of the most exciting emerging Australian artists on the rise. Mau Power is in the house folks!

By Darren Hassan

Twitter: @DazzHassan


Friday 20th February 2015 The Gov, ADELAIDE www.thegov.com.au Tickets: $15 + Booking Fee ($10 Concession) Doors open @ 7:30 pm

Sunday 22nd February 2015 Laundry Bar, MELBOURNE www.laundrybar.com.au

Friday 6th March 2015 The New Globe Theatre, BRISBANE www.thenewglobetheatre.com

For more information, please visit www.facebook.com/maupower99

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