Interview: Amy Shark Ahead Of Her Superloop Adelaide 500 Concert

Glam Adelaide catches up to talk about the Superloop Adelaide 500 the current direction of her career and everything in between.

Superloop Adelaide 500 is on our doorstep. Adelaide is looking to reverberate with the tremendous sound of the V8 Supercars but that’s not the only thing that’ll be bringing the house down this weekend. Glam Adelaide caught up with Australian singer, Amy Shark, to talk about the upcoming race and what she is working on in the pipeline.

Is there anything different in performing for Superloop 500 as compared to normal music festivals?

These kinds of festivals are more relaxed, and you can have more fun. The setting is a bit different and you can be a bit louder. Someone sent me a photo of the stage on twitter. It looks amazing.

So, you are performing alongside Vance Joy. What has been your experience with Vance in the past?

Vance Joy and I have been on tour together previously up around North America. He was the first musician who took me on a tour of America. We have a good relationship. We’re always on other sides of the world. We have the same manager so it’s like we’re from the same family. He’s kind of like my big brother.

Is there anyone else you’ve been collaborating with who you’re excited about?

Yeah, I can’t really say too much. I don’t want to jump the gun. I have been in the studio with Diplo and I have been in the studio with Billy Corgan. So those are some of the exciting people but I don’t want to give too much away because I get in trouble with that all the time.

What has your experience with Billy Corgan been like. What kind of guy is he?

He’s probably one of the best guys I’ve met in a really long time. I was really nervous before we met and then he came in and he was cracking all these jokes and telling me these stories that I really wanted to hear. Stories about the Smashing Pumpkins, about the early days. I asked him a bunch of questions about these demos I was doing, he kind of had answers for everything. He’s very intellectual and we got on really really well. I’m heading back to do some more stuff with him so there’s a good friendship growing there.

So what have you got going on after Superloop 500?

I’m actually building a studio at the moment, so I am looking to go into that studio once it’s ready and start doing some new music. Then in May I start what is looking to be the biggest run of shows I’ve ever done in my life. That’s all very exciting.

Is doing such a large tour daunting at all?

No, not really. I’m not going to forget my songs or anything like that. I’m not anxious because I know how fun it’s going to be. I wish it started next week.

You sound like you have a lot of energy about you. Long tours can get exhausting, but it doesn’t sound like that would give you any trouble.

Yeah, don’t forget I haven’t been doing this for 10 years. Adore only took off two years ago. I feel like only yesterday I was signed to a record deal and I get to do this for full time work. I feel like a little kid just running around a candy store at the moment, just having fun. It doesn’t feel like work.

So things are still feeling pretty new and fresh to you.

Yeah, I’m now getting into a routine now. At the start it was really hard to understand that everyday would be different. You can get bored really quickly, luckily I’m still really enjoying writing songs. Every time I’m bored it’s doesn’t take much to get motivated to write some stuff.

‘I Said Hi’ has exploded on the Australian charts at the moment. It’s very much making an impression as far as sound and brand. That said is there anything new that you’re wanting to incorporate into your sound or brand?

It took so long to find this perfect sound that I’ve always wanted. I’m not going to drift too far away from it. I’ll probably push some boundaries here and there in some songs, lyrics and maybe even production. At the moment I’m enjoying this music so everything I do will be in the same vein as everything you’ve heard so far. If it’s not broken don’t fix it.

Superloop Adelaide 500 is on February 28-March 3. You can still get your hands on tickets – click here.

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