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Fringe Interview: BARBU! Will Amaze You At The Royal Croquet Club!

We interviewed BARBU! cofounder Antoine Carabinier to find out more about their epic show…

Glam interviewed Antoine Carabinier, cofounder of one of the best spectacles at this year’s Fringe, BARBU!, a riveting circus-dance production from Canada.

Q1: It looks like there is a lot going on in BARBU! with circus theatrics, dance and live music. Is the idea to hit audiences with a lot at once and create a visual rich text?
Yes there is a lot happening during BARBU! We wanted to be a multidisciplinary show where the music is as important as the acrobatic and as the video. It’s a blend of everything!

Q2: Can you elaborate on the historic roots of the show in Montreal?
Back at the end of the 1800s, there was a big fairground in Montréal call The Somher Parc where there was some strong men competing, like jugglers, contortionists etc. It was a place to come after work and have a beer in a relaxed mood and enjoy the most surprising acts.

Q3: What are the backgrounds of the performers?
We all went to different circus schools in `Montréal, Québec and also Stockholm, Sweden. After three years in these schools we worked with a bunch of other circus companies like The 7 Fingers of the hand, Cirque Eloize, Cirkus Cirkor, Rasposo and Cirque du Soleil. After that we decided to create our own company and for five years we’ve all worked together!

Q4: What are the elements that give this show its edge?
We use comedy with acrobatic in a second degree, we push the limits of silliness. The acrobats are not small kids out of the circus school with skinny perfect bodies, we are real big bearded men. If you saw us in the street you would probably never assume that we are acrobats but we still do crazy acrobatics! It’s like a big circus rave.

Q5: Where does the show get its name?
All the men of Cirque Alfonse have beards since our last show, Timber! So when we are on tour everybody calls us the bearded ones. We were looking for a tribe name and wanted to keep our beards so we decided to call our show BARBU with mean bearded men.

Q6: Give us five words that encapsulate this show?
Cabaret Electro Trad Circus Rave

Barbu Electra Trad Cabaret

Where: Royal Croquet Club – The Panama Club
Time: 7.45pm
When: Until 14 March
Cost: $55

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