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Interview: Chloe Castledine – Bringing two epic shows to this years Fringe

Chloe Castledine is bringing the 80s and 2000s hits to the 2024 Fringe

Chloe Castledine and The Cast band have been making waves in the Adelaide performing arts scene for the past twelve years. From corporate events to festivals, there is a high chance Chloe and The Cast have been the driving force behind the entertainment. 

Last year, Chloe brought two exceptional shows to the Fringe — 80s Ladies and Wonderfull! A Celebration of Stevie Wonder. We also were treated to So Fresh! The Hits Of The 2000s, which premiered at the Glenelg Winter Arts Festival. 

This year, Chloe and The Cast are bringing back both 80s Ladies and So Fresh! The Hits Of The 2000s to the Fringe, performing in Gluttony alongside some other exceptional South Australian acts.

Chloe Castledine recently spoke to Glam Adelaide’s Arts Editor, Ben Stefanoff, about both of these high energy shows. We asked Chloe if she ever thought The Cast would become what it is today when it first started twelve years ago.

“Yes but also no. I started off as a duo just doing acoustic music, but I knew that I wanted to make a full production company eventually. I knew I wanted to sing and perform and do big shows as well as direct them. I kind of have a background in stage management and production and I also direct the Civic Park Carols under Tea Tree Gully. So I’ve always had this background of producing and I have also dabbled in film making. When I was younger I also sang a lot in the church scene and I used to do all of their big productions back in the day but I never sort of worked musically outside of that scene. 

“So I decided to step out into the music industry, starting off as a duo with a guitarist. I did envisage having a big band and I did want dances and I wanted to make all my dreams come true. Basically I thought, “Well, it’s not landing on my lap so I’m just going to have to do it.” I didn’t want to just label myself as just a band or just a duo or acoustic act. When you’re doing a show or a production, everyone’s part of the cast in that show. So everything I was planning to do was going to be a production and I was going to make sure it’s big, and from that The Cast was born. It has served me well for the last twelve years as a name.”

One thing that Chloe prides herself on is giving South Australian talent a platform to work professionally.

“I have always tried really hard to support the great SA artists in the industry. Adelaide’s got so much talent and they deliver a lot better than some of these big interstate artists.”

80s Ladies is making its return this year to the Fringe and Chloe shared with us what it is about the 80s that she loves.

“The music is just a lot of fun. With the introduction of electronic sounds and synths, the industry started to get quite bold and daring. Every generation and every decade has their unique sounds. The women really stepped up too. The hairstyles just went nuts, and the female performers really came out of their shells. The music is fun.You can’t help but dance.”

Last year, 80s Ladies was incredibly well received by audiences, which must have been an exceptionally good feeling for Chloe and The Cast.

“You know what? I was genuinely shocked every single night, especially the first night. The reaction when we changed over to a new song, it was actually electric and I thought I knew that people loved 80s, but not this much. It was an experience for me. Those first two nights were just mind boggling.”

For the first time at the Fringe, Chloe and The Cast will also be presenting So Fresh! Hits Of The 2000s.

“We’ve done a few tweaks to the show since the soft launch at the 2023 Glenelg Winter Arts Festival. I love the music out of the 2000s, but I didn’t know if that was something that would grab everyone. It certainly grabbed everyone who saw the show last year — especially the R&B set. We’ve fleshed out that section of the show due to the audience’s reactions. It’s such a banging show.”

Both 80s Ladies and So Fresh! Hits Of the 2000s will be performed in Gluttony.

“Gluttony has a brilliant line up of SA, home grown talent on their bill this year. I feel pretty honoured to be alongside acts like Hans and The 60 Four. I feel really quite chuffed to be in the mix.”

So Fresh! Hits Of The 2000s will run between February 27 and March 3 in The Virago, Gluttony:

80s Ladies will run between March 12 and 17 in The Moa, Gluttony.

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