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Interview: K.A. Moll on Lesbian Romance

We chat with American author K.A. Moll, who writes lesbian romance novels focusing on troubled women who find healing and happiness through love.

American author K.A. Moll is currently working on her fifth romance novel, focusing on troubled women who find healing and happiness through love. Her fourth book, Haunting Love, was recently released on audio, with audiobooks of her three earlier novels coming soon. We caught up with K.A. for a quick chat about writing lesbian fiction and what the future holds.

Thanks for taking the time out to be interviewed, K.A. – is that how I should address you? As K.A.?

Yes, K.A. – my initials and what my dad called me since I was a small child.

Why do you choose to hide your first name from your readers?

I don’t. I simply don’t write as “Kittie” …nor do I really go by it with the exception of my wife. In almost 31 years, I’ve never convinced her to call me K.A. – LOL! That actually may be what’s behind me writing under my initials.

Speaking of names, I notice “Zane” is a character name used in more than one of your stories…

Yes, Zane is a reoccurring character in my work. It seems that even when I don’t set out to include her, she manages to wiggle in for at least one scene.

You also use Zane as a character in your podcast at

The idea behind the podcast was for it to be Q/A show that was co-hosted by two fictional characters. Thalia is the protagonist in Darla Baker’s novels. Zane is the main character in [my novel] Soul Mates and a secondary character in my other three novels. We answer questions sent in by our listeners, discuss a topic, or have a fictional character guest on the show. In an upcoming episode, Annette Mori’s Lara comes on for a bit of therapy.

Sheena, of The Lesbian Talk Show out of South Africa, asked us to co-host the show. In some episodes, Darla and I do speak up, usually near the end of an episode to give away a book.

You write about traumatised women. Why? Why not write about happy women?

I write about women, burdened by past trauma, that find healing in the love of a soul mate. My stories offer hope that in love a person can make it through the darkness intact …and they all have happy endings.

I have to raise the plot of Haunting Love, which I’m half way through enjoying. Ghost meets girl; girl meets psychic; psychic meets ghost; and dead wives want their widows to move on…

LOL! Nice summary.

Haunting Love is different from my other works. It’s my stab at paranormal. I enjoy a paranormal film or book from time to time so I thought I’d give it a try. I had to do considerable research as I’m not, nor do I know anyone who is, psychic. I have no hauntings that I know of either. For me, the story was really about belief and how it shapes a person’s reality.

When you write your stories, you seem to ease the reader into it rather than expecting them to connect immediately with the sexuality of your main characters.

My work has considerable crossover, straight and gay. Half of my beta readers are straight, the others gay. Although my protagonists are lesbians, I strive to write stories that are set in the real world. By that I mean, I write stories that I think could apply to a same sex couple or a straight one. Love is love. Loss is loss. Commitment is commitment. I think people read stories that they can relate to. My main characters just happen to be lesbians.

Emily Beresford narrates the audiobook adaptation of Haunting Love and you have audiobook adaptations of your other novels on the way. Tell me about that process.

My audiobooks are produced through the Amazon ACX platform. I posted my book in romance and listed it as available for auditions. I had quite a few, but Emily did the best ghosts so the contract went to her. She’s also producing [my novel] Coming to Terms. The other two are being produced by Michele Musso of The Girl’s Hour – broadcast on one of your radio stations too, Melbourne’s JoyFM.

How long does it take to write a book?

I write 2-3 books per year. I tend to write 6-8 hours per day, with a couple days off here and there. I spend a fair amount of time during the first month of a novel doing research and plotting the story. I use a team of 5-6 beta readers, including my wife. When I send the work to my publisher, the editing process begins.

So what’s next for K.A. Moll?

My work in progress is titled For a Moment’s Indiscretion. It’s a thriller/sequel to Soul Mates and should be released by Triplicity Publishing in print and digital by early September. The audio version should release by December.

And if you had any advice for a new writer wanting to attempt their first novel, what would it be?

Write one sentence and then another.
Assemble a good team of beta readers.
Read lots of books on the writing craft.

Thanks for taking the time to chat, K.A.

Interviewed by Rod Lewis
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