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Interview: Kate Walsh

We chat to the fabulous Kate Walsh about her latest movie, The Honest Thief, in which she stars with Liam Neeson.

Actress Kate Walsh perhaps most-known for her role as Dr. Addison Montgomery in Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice is back on the big screen. This time starring alongside Liam Neeson in The Honest Thief.

The Honest Thief follows Tom (played by Neeson), a crafty bank robber intent on turning himself in after falling in love with Annie (played by Walsh), only to be set upon by two corrupt FBI agents in the process.

Currently riding out COVID in Perth, Western Australia, we caught up with Kate to chat about her new film, what it was like working Liam Neeson and of course her role in the uber-glamourous Netflix series, Emily in Paris

Currently based in Perth, Western Australia we asked Kate what she’s been up to whilst she has been here.

“I came here for a short holiday in March to visit some friends and then COVID happened so I’m still here and now I’m doing a play here-I just had a movie come out so I’m keeping very busy.”

Kate Walsh

Kate feels incredibly fortunate be currently based in Perth where cases have been minimal

“It’s amazing, are you kidding? I feel super grateful to be here, especially with what’s happening in the world. To be living right by the sea in a beautiful place, I feel very, very lucky.” 

It is evident Kate is really enjoying her stay in Australia, so we have to ask how long she plans to be here.

“I’m working on a play right now and then I plan to hopefully, bring a TV show to shoot down here in early 2021. So, we’ll see what happens. I love it here. There people are great, I love this state and I’m really excited about the potential to work here.”

With restrictions finally easing, audiences will be finally able to see films up like The Honest Thief on the big screen-something that Kate was very happy about.

“We were so thrilled to have it (The Honest Thief) screened in an actual cinema because it’s a big fun action film, so it’s always better to watch it on the big screen.”

A nitty-gritty action film, we ask Kate what drew her to the role of Annie in The Honest Thief.

“I loved the idea. I had done a small film with Liam before called Mark Felt, which is all about the man who revealed the Watergate political scandal and I had a small part in that and that’s where he and I met. So when this opportunity came up to do this role with him, I said ooh this looks fun and I really liked that it was centred around a love story. I liked the fight scene (laughs) with Jai Courtney, that was really fun and I really liked the Director, Mark Williams when we met-so I signed on.”

 As an action-packed love story, The Honest Thief has a real Bonnie and Clyde we ask Kate if she made that connection when preparing for this role.

I hadn’t thought about that but I really loved that and I really believed that when she (Annie) found out what she found out about him (Tom), that she would stay with him. So, that was the thing for me when trying to make it grounded and believable. I felt that between them with their respected damage or for second chances, I thought it was hopeful.”

In The Honest Thief, love is the main reason why Tom decides to come clean for his actions. We ask Kate if she believes love can impact our way of thinking and change our motivations.

“Absolutely, I think love is an unnameable, illogical and inferior thing. It defies logic and I think that anybody who has experienced it would agree. As corny as that may sound, the power of love is everything.”

Through her relationship with Tom, Annie is inadvertently brought into this situation through no fault of her own. We ask Kate if she believes this is the film’s way of highlighting how the victims of crime are not only just the victims but the loved ones of the perpetrators as well.

“Yeah, absolutely. I guess I didn’t pay much attention to that, except that she’s sticking by his side and it’s worth it enough for her to stay with him.”

As her second time working with the actor, we have to ask Kate what it’s like working with the action film megastar, Liam Leeson.

“I think that Liam is as good, if not better than he’s ever been. I think he has this real everyman aspect to him that people really buy him as this everyman. I think people also love to see him right wrongs or seek vengeance and there’s something very satisfying about that-which I think people love to watch him over and over again whether it’s the Taken franchise or other action films he’s in. He’s got this incredible quality in his eyes and vulnerability to him that makes him super connected and accessible to audiences. He’s also such a delightful person and we became good friends after-he’s such a dear human.”

Aside from starring in The Honest Thief, Kate is also starring Emily in Paris and The Umbrella Academy which are two major hits for Netflix. We couldn’t not ask Kate what it was like being involved in Emily in Paris, which is currently in the top 10 list on Netflix here in Australia.

“It was so much fun, I mean…I got to shoot in Paris with Darren Star (creator of Sex and the City) It was really delightful, Lily [Collins] is just wonderful and Patricia Field who was one of the costume designers on Sex and the City is incredible. So it was really a delightful experience and to be in Paris in August, it was just beautiful.”

The Honest Thief is currently showing at various cinemas.

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