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Interview: Mikala Lane – Bringing Some Boot Scootin’ To the Fringe

Brush off your cowboy hats and pull on your 80s leg warmers because Boombox Bootscoot is gearing up to ride into a location near you

Brush off your cowboy hats and pull on your 80s leg warmers because Boombox Bootscoot is gearing up to ride into a location near you. Hear all your favourite 80s hits like never before, played with a country twist that’ll make you dance, sing and holler for more!

Presenter and vocalist Mikala Lane recently spoke to Glam Adelaide’s Arts Editor, Ben Stefanoff, about this high energy show and her love of country music.

The last time Glam spoke to Mikala, she was preparing for her first ever Fringe show, ‘‘My Little Voice’ — A Sara Bareilles Tribute’. Mikala shared with us how the show went.

I was very happy and very proud, especially with something that meant so much to me. Obviously, the Sara Bareilles show was near and dear to my heart, so I was very happy with how it all went.”

We asked Mikala where the idea for Boombox Bootscoot came from.

“The show sort of had a few different beginnings. My good friend Jacob, who’s playing banjo in the band, we went to high school together, and for years every time we would hang out, one of us says we should start a bluegrass band. Of course, it never happened because that’s just what you say when you get together with your friends. Then we were gearing up to figure out what we wanted to do for this next show and Crafty (another member of the band) and I were discussing it and thought it would be fun to look into writing a show featuring 80s music, but with a country flair.”

Mikala has a strong love for 80s music.

“I think the music is a lot of fun. I grew up listening to a lot of country music – my mum especially loves country music. I grew up with Faith Hill and Keith Urban and even The Carpenters and other bands that have country influences. Country music has really had a resurgence in the last few years, especially with young people getting into it. The music definitely just gets you on your feet.”

Merging 80s hits with a country flair would not have been an easy job.

“We wanted to make sure, especially for a Fringe show, that if it’s going to be short, sharp and shiny and that we want to make it as fun as possible. We wanted to keep things as high energy as possible, but also we want to do it in a way that is different from the original song. So, for example, a Dolly Parton song from the 80s is too close to what we’re already doing. We wanted to make sure each piece was turned on its head so you kind of almost don’t recognise it at first, and then when it clicks, you get that ‘ahhh’ moment. It did take a while and it was a bit of trial and error and figuring it all out.”

This week Boombox Bootscoot hits the road to multiple locations.

“I think we’re excited to be meeting some new audiences. We’re heading to some locations that we haven’t been to before. We were wanting to get out to places where people might not often think to go and have a lot of fun. And we want to have a good old Hoedown.”

Boombox Bootscoot features Mikala Lane (Vocals), Kate Walker (Vocals), Crafty (Guitar, Percussion, Vocals), Jacob Howard (Ganjo, Vocals), Kane Jones (Bass) and Julian Ferraretto (Violin, Mandolin, Saw).

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