Interview: Scott Muller ‘The Ten Tenors’

Kicking off in Adelaide on May 18, Australian singing sensations The Ten Tenors are back with an international tour covering the US, Australia and Germany. What began as a handful of university mates getting together to rake together some drinking money, The Ten Tenors are an industry of their own and after 16 years, the fans just keep coming back for more.


aa2291dd1615999920a0b558c0b4af73Kicking off in Adelaide on May 18, Australian singing sensations The Ten Tenors are back with an international tour covering the US, Australia and Germany. What began as a handful of university mates getting together to get ‘some more drinking money’, The Ten Tenors are an industry of their own and after 16 years, the fans just keep coming back for more.

Scott Muller, one of the stars of ‘The Ten Tenors on Broadway ‘,  spoke to Glamadelaide about the upcoming show and what fans can expect.

“It’s been a while since we’ve been to Adelaide, and we’ve got a little taste of everything in store- some golden oldies, and of course songs from musicals, especially Rodgers and Hammerstein, a ‘Sound Of Music’ and ‘West Side Story’ medley, and then we get into some newer stuff from Jersey Boys, Wicked etc. We still stick to our rock roots such as Queen, and it’s a great mix of Broadway and modern rock….and we couldn’t help but put ‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen in there

The guys are in the US at present, and I’ll join them when they get back to Oz. They’re actually in the studio paying down some tracks for a CD! The feedback in the US has been phenomenal”

 Being a part of a group such as The Ten Tenors is not only demanding due to the hectic touring schedule that the group has, but the selection process to get into the group can be quite challenging also. Says Muller of his experience-

“Although many members come from recommendations, the standard is still set quite high for those wanting to be a part of the group. Singers do move on though for whatever reason, such as marriage, family etc and this creates new openings so it’s a regular ongoing process. When you think though, of how many singers we’ve had come through it’s a real credit to Australia that we have such a wealth of talent out there that can keep the group going beyond its current 15-16 years”.

 With that much talent in the one place there’s bound to be some ego battles or differences, but he says that ‘you just have to get along! If there’s a disagreement, we just get it out there and go have a beer afterwards”. In speaking with Scott though, it is evident that these are just a bunch of regular nice guys, kind of like a football team who happen to have nice haircuts, good suits and exquisite voices! There’s not much room for Prima Dona’s in this outfit.

 There’s always the chance that something unexpected can happen during a show though. The group were performing at Perth ‘s Quarry Amphitheatre recently, which is an outdoor venue, and there was a torrential downpour 15 minutes before the show started. Says Muller- “so here we are in our suits and ties, drenched…but it was the most magical experience …it was during ‘I Would Do Anything For Love’ by it’s this massive song and the heavens just opened up. That was a memorable evening to say the least. The show must go on- it did  & the crowd loved it.”

 In a group that comprises of ten reasonably good-looking lads, it goes without saying that a larger part of their fan base is female. But Scott says that “we often see blokes in the audience, clearly dragged there by the missus with their bottom lip sticking out, but by the end they’re clapping and cheering and promising that they’ll be back next time”.

Fans should also expect a bit of nostalgia with Ten Tenors on Broadway, and Scott says that their version of ‘ I Still Call Australia Home’ is a real showstopper. “When we’re on the road away from our loved ones, that poignancy in that song really hits home (no pun intended) For people that have lived abroad and travelled, and especially Aussies that see our shows abroad- they really ‘get it’. It’s hard to be away, and songs can make you think of people, and how lucky we are as a nation. It’s great that music can touch people that way” As much as I love touring, it’s my least favourite aspect of being an entertainer…if that makes sense. It’s hard to be away from my fiancée ”. Incidentally, in possibly his toughest gig ever, Scott is getting married in July, just 2 days after the Hobart show (sorry ladies!). But it’s not all that bad being a touring artist- the guys recently met Morgan Freeman in the US and appeared on a popular Morning show among other engagements.

“The best thing about touring with The Ten Tenors is definitely getting to meet fans after the shows- that’s one of the best things- knowing how much people love the show and the music- it’s exciting. They are who it’s about and it’s important to give back”! Some of the former members of the group are scattered around the world by the way, having met ladies along the way and consequently moving to that country”.

 A graduate from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Opera trained Scott says being in The Ten Tenors is a great opportunity to diversify a singers abilities and style, and admits there’s huge talent within the group and the bar is indeed set very high.

Being a single styled singer isn’t really what you get with The Ten Tenors, Muller says you have to be able to interchangeable and adaptable. “ It’s amazing the number of guys who come in and say, “well, I’m an Opera singer or whatever, but being in The Ten Tenors you have to be able to sing ALL styles- it’s essentially 10 blokes fighting for the spotlight. But it IS a group and we all work as one”.

Despite Scott’s onstage persona of the unshaven ocker type Wildman, he admits that he’s really a bit of a softy who loves snuggling on the couch to a romantic comedy, and is the antithesis of how he looks. “I’m quite possibly the most introverted Leo away from the stage that you’ll ever meet”. And furthermore, when he’s not one of The Ten Tenors, Scott is a Child Care worker at a Kindergarten and says that kids are tough critics & always brutally honest- so he always needs to be at his best when singing to them.

Looks like they’ve done their job, as he’s a fabulous singer in one of our most successful groups that Australia should be proud of!

Interviewed by Darren Hassan Apr 14 2014


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