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INTERVIEW: The Aca-mazing Brittany Snow Talks All Things Pitch Perfect

Glam Adelaide interviewed Pitch Perfect 3 star, Brittany Snow. Here’s how it went down.

It’s the last call pitches, we have reached the end of the Barden Bella’s story and we can tell you that the girls go out with a bang. Who would have thought that a franchise about competitive a cappella could reach the heights Pitch Perfect has? The ‘Pitch Perfect’ films have followed the Bella’s through college, the national championships, and the world championships.

We pick up three years later with the Bella’s struggling with the pressures of adult life, each of them going through a quarter-life-crisis (same). But when the opportunity arises to sing on an overseas USO tour, the pull of a cappella and memory of their glory days bring them back together. This quirky group reunite for the farewell tour which is as competitive, hilarious, and in key as the Barden Bella’s will ever be.

Glam Adelaide was lucky enough to get the chance to chat with Brittany Snow (Hairspray, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) who plays Chloe Beale, a passionate Bardon Bella. Brittany much like her character is super sweet and extremely loveable. She talked about creating her version of Chloe, stomping out stereotypes, and the working on the Pitch Perfect franchise.

Glam Adelaide: How does it feel stepping into the role of Chloe again and being back with the whole pitch crew? 

Brittany Snow: It is amazing, it sounds very cheesy but this is a dream job because I get to hang out with my best friends. It is really surreal that we keep getting lucky enough to be a part of it, plus people like it which is a great feeling. What I loved about playing Chloe this time around was the opportunity to be vulnerable with her and explore her fear of change. I really like that Chloe got be completely awkward, quirky, and weird and would say all the wrong things and was completely unapologetic about it.

What surprised you most about the movie? 

The fact that a lot of this movie was improvised. They gave us a lot of luxury when it came to making up our own jokes and trusting each other about what we wanted to say knowing that we are confident enough in the characters we have created. I think that is why the jokes are even more broad and weird because they are usually just coming from us.

What was the hardest thing about the filming process?

I think the hardest thing for this one was probably the fact that we were on a real USO army base. We were in outfits that were not exactly appropriate to be dancing around in, it was really cold, and we were had to perform in front of all these people. It is always a little nerve racking but we had so much fun; I mean it is always fun to just be with your friends and dance.

Was it easy to transition into Chloe after portraying someone like Christi in Hangman? 

It was almost like putting on an old sweater. It’s not something that you wear all the time but when you do you are like “oh yea this feels good.” Chloe is definitely a very heightened version of me with little bits I’ve added in along the way. The cliché trite things that people might think about being overly passionate, loveable, or ditsy I really tried to squash and make her unique.

When you first auditioned for Pitch Perfect all those years ago did you ever think it would turn out like it has three movies later?

Absolutely not. I was probably one of the first people to read the script and the last person cast. I had been sitting with the script for two years and I said to my agent, “I will play anyone, I will play anything.” I thought that it was really intelligent, special and weird. I didn’t think that it would become what it has but I knew it was something special so I am really glad I followed through with it.

We are sure glad Brittany went through with it too!

To catch the movie, sing along to some great tunes, and have one hell of a laugh you can head to any good cinema from January 1 to see the Bella’s in all their glory for one last time. Take our word for it you won’t want to miss it. More details here.

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