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Interview: The Audreys Chat To Glam Adelaide Ahead Of Winterfest Gig

ARIA Award winning local band The Audreys will be taking the stage this Saturday at Winterfest, for an intimate gig. We spoke to them about the show, their love of Adelaide and more.


July is Adelaide’s unofficial live music month. It’s the perfect time to find some cosy venues, support some great local and touring gigs, and whether it’s part of the Umbrella Winter Sounds festival, or the huge line up of live music at Winterfest in Port Adelaide, there’s stacks to fill the calendar.

We’re loving the warm toasty vibe down at Winterfest in Port Adelaide and this year they’ve expanded to include a 400-person stage venue. As a special drawcard, ARIA Award winning local band The Audreys will be taking the stage this Saturday.

The Audreys are comprised principally of Taasha Coates and Tristan Goodall with a cast of na’er do wells who’ve played with them over the years.

Glam was lucky enough to spend two minutes with Taasha from The Audreys ahead of the show.

Tell us the story of how you formed in Adelaide?

Wow, let me see if I can strain my memory back that far! Ok so Tristan and I met when we were both University students. We started playing covers shows together then slowly started writing our own songs and adding them into our set. For our first gig as The Audreys we were the opening act for (now dear friends) The Yearlings at a place called FAD Bar in the city. It doesn’t exists anymore sadly. I think that was probably 2004. We put out our first record in 2006. We’re now up to album number five and we’re working on number six. Yeah, we really should start thinking about retiring.

What’s your favourite thing about performing in SA?

There’s really nothing quite like a home-town show. Family and friends in the crowd, all that home-town love and best of all, at the end of the night I get to sleep in my own bed. And get jumped on at 7.30am by my own kids. Hang on, let me rethink this…

What’s your quintessential SA ‘thing’ you like to show off to interstaters or overseas visitors?

Our wineries.

What’s different that can fans expect from this show?

The wonderful singer/songwriter and one of my most favourite people in the world Kelly Menhennett will be opening the show. A couple of years ago we travelled together to Austin, Texas to do a song writing residency. We did a few co-writes together during that time, and I’m hoping I can persuade her to come up and sing one with me during our set.

What’s your favourite song to perform at the moment?

A song from my solo album called “When I Die”. It’s not nearly as depressing as it sounds.

Who is your dream artist/artists to collaborate with?

Having recently done a few song writing stints here in Australia and in the US I’m going to have to answer no one in particular, because there’s actually nothing quite like co-writing with an artist you don’t know. You already speak the same language, music, but apart from that you are complete strangers with no pre conceived ideas or expectations, and you just have to trust each other and trust the writing process and go for it. It’s totally amazing.

What are you looking forward to enjoying while you’re at Winterfest?

Playing a great show. Oh and staying warm.

Tickets: $30
When and where: 8pm Saturday 14th July. The Ice Cube at Winterfest. Hart’s Mill, Mundy Street, Port Adelaide.

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