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Interview: Vince Jones – Spinning in to Adelaide for the Cabaret Festival

Vince Jones brings the music from Come In Spinner to this year’s Cabaret Festival

Three-time ARIA Award winning artist Vince Jones will be performing the much-loved songs from the ABC television series Come In Spinner soundtrack. As part of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival this Sunday afternoon, Jones and his 19-piece orchestra will be joined by vocalist extraordinaire Nina Ferro to showcase brand new arrangements of WWII-era classics, from Porter to Gershwin to Ellington. 

Ahead of his Cabaret Festival performance, Vince discusses Come In Spinner, his career, and where his love of jazz developed from.

“My father and mother were jazz lovers, and the music in the house was jazz or classical. My dad told me he took me to see Louis Armstrong as a young boy, sitting on his shoulders in Glasgow. My love for jazz improvisation has flourished as I’ve gotten older.

“I started out playing trombone and then cornet in the brass band at 10 years old. My dad loved trumpet and he taught me to read music. My mum was a singer. She could sing any song ever written; she had extraordinary natural music ability, and my dad and her had a duet where they both played together. I saw them playing at parties, and it was then I knew I wanted to be a singer.”

With a career that has taken him across the globe, Vince shared where his favourite place to perform was as well as a career highlight.

“The band and I played at Montreux three years in a row. It was a wonderful feeling, playing alongside the world’s great musicians and being introduced by Quincy Jones. Montreux would have to be my favourite gig.

“I love to play original music, and the band has become well known for its original songs. In Europe we were becoming successful for our original sound/songs. When I was in Los Angeles and I heard our music on the radio there, I felt so proud.”

I asked Vince how he feels the jazz and cabaret genres work together.

“I think that orchestras and divas and crooners are the original source of what we call cabaret. It brings to mind Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr., Sarah Vaughan and Ella and Judy and Liza Minnelli. In the Come in Spinner show the audience will get a taste of a beautiful orchestra and Nina and I will be singing our hearts out.”

Come In Spinner won the hearts of thousands of Australian households, selling over half a million copies in the decade of its release and making history as the highest-selling Australian jazz album of all time. Vince shared why he thinks it was so successful and resonated with Australian audiences.

“I think the songs and the arrangements on that album are timeless and the listeners can’t resist them. I had no idea the record would do so well, I think the music coupled with the screenplay was a winning combination.”

Come In Spinner will be performed at the Adelaide Festival Theatre this Sunday, June 11 at 5pm.

“We have a 19-piece orchestra which sounds extraordinary. I love singing with a big band. Nina Ferro is an exceptional singer, and she will breathe fresh life into the songs. With some new arrangements written and conducted by Steve Newcombe the music has become more alive; the audience will love the sound of this orchestra.”

Tickets and further information to Come In Spinner can be found here: 

Show Details:
Come In Spinner
Festival Theatre
Sunday 11 June at 5pm

Photo credit: Creswick Collective

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