Interview: We The Kings – One Decade Later…

We caught up with Danny, the drummer from We The Kings, to discuss their tour of Australia. We spoke about the ten year anniversary of their self-titled album, and what’s coming up for the band!

So you guys are touring over here for the anniversary of your first self-titled album, how do you feel about the evolution in your sound since that release all those years ago?

It’s fun, because when you get to that ten year anniversary point it’s really cool to look back at how you started. We were all nineteen or twenty, and if you look back at that first album it’s definitely our roots. It was a release from our shitty part-time jobs and College. That music was very fat and guitar heavy compared to what we play nowadays. We’ve got more of a mature sound… I think, based off how we’ve evolved with rock and pop mixed together. It’s always a blast to revisit that first album. None of those songs go below 160bpm. It makes me laugh, how exhausting it is, but it’s such a blast to play those songs on that first album. We’ve definitely diversified our music, we have some songs where we slow it down a little bit, or try new techniques.

Sounds intense dude! So are you going to be playing the album back to back for the tour, or are you going to mix it up a little bit?

We’ve been tinkering with this idea… at the very least, we are going to play every song on the album, to give the people what they want to hear. Since we don’t really get to come to Australia as much as we want to, and that album went platinum in Australia, we’re going to play the whole thing, as well as all the other songs that did well on Australian radio. You’re gonna have to tune in and get to the show to find out!

Awesome! What is your favorite track off the album to play in a live setting?

I can give you two different answers. My personal favourite is “Skyway Avenue “, there’s never been a song in our career that, right off the bat, sets the tone for drums like that. The song just starts with a big drum fill… Its high energy, it’s always fun for me. But our favourite to play as a whole would have to be “Check Yes Juliette” because of the energy that comes from the crowd. We watch the crowd give the energy, and we feed off their energy.

That song is an absolute banger! What is the craziest thing a fan has done at one of your shows?

I personally love when people ask if they can propose to their partner on stage, it’s always a beautiful story. You know, they met at a We the Kings show in line, or bumping into each other at the merch table, and I think that’s super romantic. As far as the craziest thing, it’s hard to say… we’ve had people jumping off balconies and immediately getting kicked out. It’s always a rowdy time, and you never know what you’re gonna get.

That is super romantic! As far as crowds go, which state gets into it the most at your Aussie shows?

I have to give it up to Perth. I think they really appreciate it over there when bands make that extra flight. I understand quite often Perth aren’t included in Australian tours, so when you do make it out there they are really excited. Last time we were there was a great night. That is to say, we enjoy Australian crowds across the board.

That makes sense, Perth tend to miss out sometimes. Does the band have any pre or post show rituals?

Well before the show we all have a pre-show chant, it’s like a Frankenstein mixture of movie quotes and inspirational sayings that we’ve picked up along the way. After the show everyone does something different, Charles will run to the bathroom to be the first one in the shower after a show, I like to sit down for a second and catch my breath. There’s no crazy parties going on back stage where we’re swinging off the chandeliers or anything.

Sounds pretty chill, man. What other plans have you guys got for Australia, other than touring?

We’re definitely gonna take into account that it’s summer over there, we’re gonna do the summery sort of thing that you guys are probably bored of. We’re going to enjoy the sunshine, go to the beach and spend time outside, SUNS OUT, GUNS OUT!

That’ll be a nice change from the cold winter you guys are having over there in Florida. Can we expect a release date for the new album?

Not yet. There are some surprising last minute factors that have come into play, so you’ll just have to wait a little bit longer *laughs*.

So what are you guys going to get up to after the tour, any big plans?

We’re all having babies and all becoming super dads at this point, so down time is going to mean a lot more than it used to. That doesn’t mean we’re gonna slow down, we have the new album on the way and it’s gonna be unlike anything we’ve ever released, I can’t wait for the world to hear it!

Do you have any messages for your fans down under?

We love all our Australian fans! We’re really keen for the tour, and can’t wait to see everyone at our shows!

Fans, make sure you don’t miss We The Kings Adelaide show! It’s going to be a whole lot of nostalgic fun, you’d be a fool to miss it! Their upcoming album is something to look forward to, and we can’t wait to hear what new direction they might be going in, and how their coming of age might influence their music!

By Jonathan Matthews

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