Interview With Designer Paige Rowe, Ahead Of Tonight’s Intimate Fashion Show

Don’t miss your chance to see the designer that everyone has been talking about this week… See Paige Rowe’s debut collection tonight and kick start your weekend with fashion and a cocktail.

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This week, everyone has been talking about Paige Rowe… She revealed her collection to the fashion world in two epic runway shows at the uber cool Queen’s Theatre, on Wednesday and Thursday nights. For anyone who wants to see the stunning collection, or maybe you saw it on Wednesday or Thursday but you just want to double dip and see it again, we have some fab news for you…

Tonight she is doing a special and intimate show in the glam surroundings of First at Hotel Richmond. So if you are looking for some fashion fabulousness and a delicious cocktail to kick start your weekend, look no further than #FreshFashionFriday.

Now, we know her name but who is Paige Rowe, and how did she come about designing her own label? Well we sat down with here to find out everything ‘Paige’.

Tell us a little bit about your collection.

My collection consists of 27 pieces, including leather footwear, a leather handbag, prints that I own exclusively, stretch denim, silk, 100% superfine merino knitwear and leather and beaded accessories. The design process was pretty organic, it all started with finding the animal print and designing the short vest. The vest is so structural, and each piece led on from the one before.

I think one of the things that sets me apart from other designers is that I am actually a pattern maker by trade. I understand garment construction, and I actually made some of the patterns myself, in my own size (size 14). In the garment industry, the pattern making is usually done in a size 8 and graded up, but I have done it the opposite way, which I think makes the collection suit so many more women. The garments translate better to each size in the collection.

This is your first collection, how are you finding this experience?

It has been very nerve wracking! I have to be a jack of all trades. Right now I am designing my winter 2016 collection, moving the summer collection towards production, having fabric printed and dyed, ordering beads and leather, and looking after my pop up shop.

The experience is great in those moments then I stop and remind myself to take a step back and enjoy it all.

You have an interesting business model, where did you get the idea from?

Yes, basically my clothing is made to order. My customers will visit my stylists and I in my pop up shop, and we will style your summer looks with our samples. At this point my customers will place an order and the clothing will be delivered in November. Having time with my customers is important, because each piece goes with the rest of the collection so thoroughly that simply by adding one more piece, you can have a totally new look. In future seasons this will be important also, and new pieces will work back with previous Paige Rowe pieces.

One of the main drivers that pushed me to this business model is that I love to be around people. I like hearing their stories and having conversations, and helping ladies transform themselves with clothes.

What’s on the agenda for the future?

Well following the launch of Spring/Summer 2016, I am hard at work designing and sourcing fabric for Winter 2016. I have just put the colour palette together for this collection, and I am quite excited about it!

Please tell us a little bit more about yourself, why you got into fashion design? Are you a family gal? What inspires you?

Yes I am a family gal, I am married and have 3 sons, aged 3, 8 and 9, who keep me busy. They are fast becoming fashion experts – they spend lots of time on shoots and at model castings!

As far as the how and why I got into fashion goes, it started a very long time ago! In 1994 I started an Advanced Diploma in Fashion, which went for 3 years. Then I did a year of post graduate study in Theatrical Costume Design at the Centre for the Performing Arts. Since then I have made many wedding gowns and special occasion type dresses. I have also made most of my own clothes for a very long time, and after so much great feedback and friends wanting me to make clothes for them, I decided now is the time.

As far as inspiration goes, my goal is to be on point in a fashion sense, but to still be comfortable. I try to design clothes that you could sit down in all day at work, and still look totally appropriate at after work drinks, or be the most fabulous mum at school pick up!

Don’t miss seeing Paige’s amazing work (see more in story below) tonight at the Hotel Richmond from 7pm. The fashion fiesta also includes the work of sisters Paris and Harriet Culbertson for the Bad Dolls Club who we also interviewed recently and you can read that below:

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