Interview with MxPx’s Mike Herrera

With his own record label and frontman of bands MxPx and Tumble Down, Mike Herrera stops for a chat with Rajani Stengewis.


mike herrea

Glam Adelaide Music Editor Rajani Stengewis caught up with Mike Herrera from the American pop punk band MxPx.

You’re in Australia right now, what are you up to?
Over here for a private event. While I’m here I’ll do some promo work and a couple of solo shows.

How many times have you been to Australia?
12-14 times at least if not more.

You’ve been in the band for over 17 years, what did you do to celebrate?
Went to Vegas! Started Mxpx July 16th 1992.

You have your own record label “rock city recording” can you tell me about that?

MxPx is on rock city and also my other band Tumble Down will have there first full length ep released on the label next month.

You have been on the Soundwave circuit before, what are you most looking forward to?
Lots of great bands such as Social Source, The Bronx and Less Than Jake. Looking forward to checking out other bands and having a great time.

Be sure to check out Mike Herrera’s bands MxPx and Tumble Down on Myspace!

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