Interview with Rebecca Barnard

Rebecca BarnardGlam Adelaide’s Music Editor Rajani Stengewis interviewed Australian Artist Rebecca Barnard before her upcoming gigs in Adelaide this week.

You just released Everlasting, can you tell me about the album?

It took one year to write and then I went to New York and recorded in two weeks. It was a treat.

You recorded Everlasting in New York, why?

A very good friend Barney Mcall was in New York when I was over there we went into a studio in 2008 for fun, and loved it. I applied for a vic grant, got it and went back to record.

You have recipes on you website. Do you enjoy making them? How did that come about?

It started back in the day on a Triple J segment called ‘Pot of Rock’ with Helen Razor. Even now, people remember this at gigs and shout out to give me a recipe so I thought why not put some up on the website?

You’re playing two shows in Adelaide this week, what can the fans expect from your live show?

I really don’t know, I’m hoping people will remember me from the ‘Rebecca Empire’ days. I’ve got a great band and love playing live so it should be a great fun show!

Rebecca Barnard is playing at the Signing Gallery Mclaren Vale on Thursday night. Doors open at 7.30pm. Tickets available at the door.

Check out it and support Australian Music.

Visit for more information.

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