Adelaide Fringe

Introducing Festival Fishbowl

If Rove and Sunrise moved to Adelaide and had two babies, and one of those babies failed school, this would be their other, favourite baby.

Festival Fishbowl is a free, live streaming chat show hosted by Fringe favourite Jason Chong.  Packed with guests, interviews, giveaways and performances, youʼll be ready for every night out of the Fringe.

Unless you have a 3 second memory.

“Festival Fishbowl fills in the time between when people finish work till they head out to see some shows.  And if you watch it on your work computer, youʼll get bonus points from your boss because theyʼll think youʼre staying back late!” quips 2009 Adelaide Comedian of the Year, Jason Chong.

Want to ask you favourite comedian about their worst gig?  Want to ask a musician to play a song for you?  Viewers will be able to interact with the show through a chatroom, twitter and facebook.  Festival Fishbowl offers the audience the instant access to artists that traditional media wonʼt even consider.

Festival Fishbowl will be streamed live 5 – 6pm every Monday – Friday from February 18 to March 11 at

Jason Chong is also hosting Il Dago II: Now with Noodles at the Arkaba and the Late Night All-Star Comedy Band Thang in the Garden of Unearthly Delights

Twitter: @jasonchongcomic #festivalfishbowl

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