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Introducing Polka — the non-alcoholic alternative to your favourite brand of bubbles

Perfect for joining the party and leaving without a hangover, Polka Wines is the latest non-alcoholic drink to hit sleeves!

A brand-new South Australian drinks brand has hit the shelves. There’s just one difference — it’s completely non-alcoholic. But the team at Polka are confident your tastebuds won’t know the difference. 

Perfect for joining the party and leaving without a hangover, or merely answering the age-old why aren’t you drinking question, more and more people are stocking up on Polka wines for their dry, full-flavoured sparkling white and pale ale. 

Founder Ben Mellows noticed how people were looking for a non-alcoholic option that wasn’t water or soft drink, without compromising the taste of regular alcoholic drinks. 

“People recognise that their alcohol consumption is very much a part of general health and wellbeing and a healthier lifestyle for many is starting to mean less alcohol.”

“Given SA’s great history in wine and drinks more broadly, we decided to give POLKA a go – we certainly haven’t looked back.”

To do this, Polka takes traditionally made wines and put it through a delicate low-temperature distillation process, all done right here in South Australia. 

“The health and wellbeing market is constantly evolving and non-alcoholic drinks are part of this as people look to eat and drink to suit their health and lifestyle goals,” he said.

“For us, it’s about making something that tastes delicious and can sit in the position of a regular sparkling wine for any occasion.

“By removing the alcohol, you are removing a large component of wine – our way around this was to work with varietals that had flavours that survived the de-alc process. 

“This is how we’ve ended up with 11 different varieties and the native botanical Lilly Pilly — non-alc wines have forever been available but the feedback has often been that it was overly sweet and lacking any of the complex flavours people love about wine. 

“Sparkling white was the first product we felt happy with. Red wines are a big challenge but we’re inching closer to a Rosé and then hopefully a full-bodied red for next winter.

“Up next is a pink non-alc gin which we are launching next month. We are also working on non-alc gin and tonic cans, non-alc negroni and spritz cans for release this summer.”

They have since been added to Bar Lune’s wine list on Norwood Parade.

Polka can be purchased online via their website (where you can also find a list of fantastic mocktail recipies), as well as selected bottle shops, Foodland stores and IGAs. 

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