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Introducing the Bank Street Cocktail Company

Bank Street Social patrons can now taste the venue’s signature cocktails in the comfort of their own homes.

If taking out half of the city’s hospo awards wasn’t enough, Bank Street Social, often lauded amongst the cream in Adelaide’s bar and club scene, has added another bow to its repertoire, with the launch of their “Bank Street Cocktail Company: signature pre-mix cocktails.
Co-owner Simon Orders says the idea took shape a couple of years ago when they developed their own barrel-aged Negroni to serve in house. “We imported some nice cork-sealed bottles and had them screen-printed with a ‘Bank Street Cocktail Co’ logo and it’s been a staple on the menu ever since.” Given the consistent success of the concept, the owners felt the product was good enough for them to develop as a line in its own right. When they were happy with the final recipes, they then called upon the skills of Melbourne design firm TCYK to create the slick minimalist design.
On the back the great feedback by customers at the venue, Orders has every confidence in the success of the new venture: “Cocktails are something we, as a boutique bar, have specialist skills in making, so naturally as an extension of that, we thought we would be the best people to make them for you when you’re at home.”
He even has no qualms with other vendors like restaurants, cafes and hotels serving the premixed concoctions, noting not all places have the time, specially trained staff or the components to make cocktails. Orders points out that the product presents a convenient option for venues and customers looking for premium mixes without the logistical hassle, noting “even basic cocktails require a significant investment in ingredients and equipment.”
To add to the afore-mentioned barrel-aged Negroni, the other two lines they are starting with are a crowd pleasing Espresso Martini and a classy Old Fashioned.
We left the final word with Orders who says customers can expect “a consistent well balanced cocktail with the convenience and speed of any other bottled drink you may find in your refrigerator.”

You can find Bank Street Cocktail Company products at: Parade Cellars, Sturt Street Cellars, Hutt Street Cellars, The Edinburgh Hotel & Cellars, Pulpit Cellars & PALS Liquor or online at:

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