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Iron Chef Experience Comes To Adelaide

The title of ‘Iron Chef’ has a cult following worldwide. One of the chef’s to be bestowed the title is one his way for a Teppanyaki cook off at the end of September.

For those familiar with the Japanese gauntlet of Iron Chef; with the tall white hats, the overly dramatic everything, and the guy eating a yellow pepper in the opening credits like it’s a juicy juicy apple, then this will get your attention.

Adelaide InterContinental Hotel, of course home to one of our finest Teppanyaki destinations in Shiki, is set to welcome (cue Chairman Koga’s voice) Ikuei Arakane (commonly known as Kin-san) this month to produce the most mouth-watering Teppanyaki dinner that Adelaide has ever tasted.


Kin-san is the executive chef at the Glass House in Hobart, where he introduced his Japanese heritage to the stunning fresh produce available on the island. No, we’re not just talking about Sushi and Sashimi.

It’s all going to take place on Thursday, September 29 where in an absolutely awesome (and dramatic) twist, Kin-san will is to be partnered with Chef Chen Kentaro. But unlike the old school competition, these two won’t be going in a head-to-head battle, but they’ll be working together to serve up quality Teppanyaki dishes.

If you’ve ever wanted to pontificate about how the chef’s creations inform the season, remind you of the cherry blossoms, demonstrate emotional depth that reminds you of childhood or simply weep at how delicious it is (and for that to be wholly appropriate) then you’ll want to get involved in the 11 courses to be offered.


Tickets are $150.00 per person. It’s worth every yen. For more information, and to book your seat at the table, visit the InterContinental Adelaide website.

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