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Adelaide’s biggest parmi is so BIG it comes in a 12″ pizza box

If you love the ol’ Chicken Parmigiana, we’ve found some epic ones for you to try.


Adelaide has a certain fondness (and when I say fondness I mean obsession) with the ol’ parmi. When we publish guides, or stories about the hearty pub favourite, people tend to lose their minds, and plan their next giant meal accordingly.

So when we discovered that there are some ENORMOUS parmis kicking around, that are so large they need to be served in pizza boxes, we knew you’d want to know.

First all all, there’s Roman Pizza’s epic parmi, which is so big it comes in a 12″ pizza box, along with chips for only $16.50. Measuring around 30cm, it’s not for the faint hearted (or those with small stomachs!)

Not to be outdone, the full Chicken Parmigiana from Angelas Pizza and Pasta and Seafood in Wynn Vale is also served up in a pizza box with chips, and sells for $16.50.

Angela’s Pizza’s Parmi. Photo by Daniel Tonkes‎

While it Angela’s parmi looks bigger than Roman’s, there’s no official word one which one is technically bigger (or tastier). I guess we’ll just have to leave that up to you to figure out. Anyone up for the challenge?

Roman Pizza Salisbury: Shop 6/73 Wiltshire Street Salisbury

Angelas Pizza and Pasta and Seafood: 4, 2 Sunnybrook Drive Sunnybrook Shopping Centre, Wynn Vale

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