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A Very Rare Brew Coming To Henley Beach

If you have a serious love of coffee, don’t miss out on Ninety Plus’ exclusive Gesha beans prepared by the coffee geniuses at Acacia Henley Beach.

Do you take your coffee very seriously? We pretty much breathe espresso here at Glam, so were immediately interested when we heard that an Adelaide coffee house has a new, ultra-fancy variety on the way.

Acacia Henley are a coffee house down by the shore that we’ve gushed about before when they opened late last year. While they’re also an amazing cafe with delicious brunch options, Acacia’s real focus is their love of the hot brown stuff. They boast the stunning La Marzocco Modbar machines (the only ones in Adelaide) that let you witness the coffee crafting at work, and allows the baristas fine control over water pressure, dosing and the many other considerations involved in making the perfect cuppa joe.

Now Acacia have just announced that they’re sourcing a new variety of beans from Ninety Plus Coffee‘s famous Gesha Estates in Panama. Coffee nerds will have perked their ears up at that name, as they’ll be already familiar with the premium coffee brand that has managed to achieve the holy trinity of coffee growing: a single-origin variety grown ethically and responsibly that still gets incredibly good press – the 90+ refers to a consistent high scoring of their products by coffee reviewers.

These accolades come at a price, however, and 90+ only produce smaller batches of their very rare wake-me-up beans. Expect these coffees to come at the premium price of $15 for a filter brew, but the payoff will be one of the best cups you’ve ever had in your life. If you prefer your usual fix, they still have their amazing coffees made with the excellent Dawn Patrol beans.

Acacia Henley is open everyday from 8am, and until 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays. To stay posted on what’s ‘bean’ going on, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.


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